The Board recognizes the contribution of women entrepreneurs to develop rural Almeria.

José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, has recognized the contribution of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen almerienses the development of rural areas of the province, "Contribution by which, in Andalusia and Almería, unlike other regions of Spain, had to not close any people, however small is, by depopulation ". As stated by the delegate of the Board today in Albox, where, by Francisca Serrano, coordinator of the Institute for Women, has visited the Regional Craft Fair 'Redmur', organized by the Federation of Rural Women and sponsored by the City Council albojense.

"Getting young people to remain in their villages and do not have to emigrate to earn a living on the coast or in large cities is a merit of men and women entrepreneurs like you, that despite the economic difficulties we are facing, you continue believing and investing in projects that, however modest they are, generate wealth and employment ", He said José Manuel Ortiz, who underlined that the inclusion of women in economic and social life as protagonists of right is one of the most significant social changes of recent decades.

However, the delegate of the Board has warned that "despite the unquestionable progress, are still evident cases of gender discrimination of character structure, and therefore, the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination on grounds of sex is a priority for the regional government, that is committed to rural development, working for real equality of opportunity between men and women. But we must not become complacent with the progress made. We know there is much to do and to improve, and although the circumstances are not the best, the economic crisis can not be an excuse to slow down and gotten much less undo ".

According to the delegate of Agriculture, initiatives craft sectors like agribusiness, Esparto, the string or embroidery -present in 'Redmur'-, "By small and modest that are, They are revitalizing rural Almeria and helping to generate wealth and employment, and for this reason, the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to rural areas through programs that manage Rural Development Groups, working to try to no good initiative or project an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial stay undeveloped for lack of financial support. Thus, it is assisting them to take momentum and they can start ... There must be public administrations and that's the Junta de Andalucía, to provide a lever momentum and to develop their potential, generating wealth and employment ".

The delegate of the Board highlighted initiatives such as the Regional Craft Fair in order to highlight the contribution of rural women to the social and economic life of the people, and has ensured that its contribution to the effective inclusion of gender perspectives in rural development strategies is essential to achieve real equality of opportunity for women, "For development and gender are indispensable elements for sustainability of rural areas".