The Board reactive works in the A-334, de Caniles a Purchena, and added road safety improvements.

The works represent a total investment of 6 million and are at a 68% Run.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Government of Andalusia has now reactivated improvement works on the A-334, in the section between Caniles, in the province of Granada, y Purchena, in the province of Almería. This project represents a total investment of six million euros and is a 68% Run, so within six months remaining runtime is expected.

The improvement works consist, primarily, in strengthening the firm on the A-334 in a section that reaches 38 kilometers. This reinforcement firm on the main road has been carried out and also other improvements have been made on the road, as the replacement of road markings, replacement of damaged vertical signals, improvements in the drainage of the road and other.

The resume building can add a number of improvements related to increasing road safety in the vicinity of the town of Seron, located on the route of the A-334 for the province of Almería. Thus, directing the Department Elena Cortés will improve access to the suburb of El Ramil and sort the intersections of a section of the A-334 in the world access to the Reconco, Slum Villegas, Cruz Blanca and Goalkeepers. In the very town of Seron, A new roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of the crossing with the A-1178, a Gérgal, and reinforce the firm throughout the cruise.

This performance in the A-334 is part of the group of works that the Governing Council of the Board has decided to revive an economic boost 12,7 million in 2014. The whole package works, where performances are included with a high degree of implementation, required for completion a total of 48 million, so the rest of the funding (35,3 million) be entered in the exercise 2015. These amounts are added the 1,68 EUR million to build four bus halts.

In the province of Almería are also in this package includes the revival of the works of underground access to the port of Garrucha; and in the province of Granada, design of the A-402 Santa Cruz de Commerce Alhama de Granada, whose works have also been reactivated today.

Also, in the axis of the A-334 have benefited from ERDF sections of the motorway Almanzora, Great Project declared by the European Union, so have reactivated the works of variant Albox and is planned to start the duplication of the A-334, in the section between the link and the Cucador Conception.