The Board program half a dozen acts in the province to celebrate the Day of the Flamenco in Andalusia '

Presentation at the Government Office.

Presentation at the Government Office.
Presentation at the Government Office.

The Board has scheduled in the province of Almeria six acts to celebrate the 16 November, Day Flamenco in Andalusia, a date that commemorates the inclusion of flamenco, six years ago, on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. An exposition, projections, a poetry recital and a performance by students of the Conservatory of Dance, are some of the activities that this morning the territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Alfredo Valdivia who, with the mayor of Vera, Felix Lopez, and Deputy Culture, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, He has detailed the contents of the I International Awards Gala Flamenco organized by the consistory veratense.

Day celebration of Flamenco in Andalusia, declared by the Council of the Andalusian Government in 2011, It is a reminder that obtained achievement, a vindication of the importance of flamenco as single and multiple cultural event. Flamenco is the most international element of the Andalusian culture. It is one of the most powerful cultural windows of Andalusia and Spain the world.

As in previous years, the Ministry of Culture, through the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco, You want to celebrate this date with citizens, organizing numerous events scattered throughout the geography, in which it has been implicated associations and different entities and institutions. 'Thus, This date becomes a reason to celebrate our culture, to strengthen knowledge and dissemination of flamenco, its importance and its equity value ', He stressed the delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Alfredo Valdivia.

The Ministry of Culture conceived this date as a common celebration and it various venues cultural centers such as the Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía or Public Almería Public Library and other institutions such as the City of Vera involved, the Conservatory of Dance 'Kina Jimenez' or flamenco clubs Almería. The CAF welcomes the 14 to the 20 November, an exhibition on relations between flamenco and photography and audiovisual presentations on flamenco and of 'A Thousand Kisses', Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador, music Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía.

In Villaespesa Francisco Public Library, the 16 November, to 20.00 hours there will be a poetry recital by Aníbal García, with the singing of Antonio Garcia "El Niño de las Cuevas' guitar and Antonio Garcia de Quero. Also in the Library, but the day 21, starting at 19.30, It will be held a flamenco concert organized in collaboration with the rock 'Romeros of the Virgen del Mar', 'The Morato', 'Antonio de Torres' and 'The Taranto'.

A nod to flamenco

The Conservatory of Dance 'Kina Jimenez' organizes various activities 16 to the 18 November. At the Museum of Almeria it offers 'A nod to flamenco', a performance in which students of different specialties interpreted alegrías breakdown structure through contemporary dance, the Spanish, classical ballet and flamenco dancing. With 'The map of flamenco' students illustrate a giant map of Andalusia from the images and information that students will collect around flamenco: on clothing, own instruments musical accompaniment of flamenco, the geographical origin of the different flamenco styles, the most important in each of the provinces Flemish artists or festivals and most representative rocks.

Vera Municipal Auditorium hosts tonight I International Awards Gala Flamenco in which the prize will be delivered Flamenco Guitar 2016 to 'Tomatito'. The gala, by Juan Vergillos, It will feature performances of José del Tomate and its Group.