CADE Cantoria.
CADE Cantoria.

The day included a networking session to identify potential business collaboration projects.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) of Cantoria, belonging to Andalusia Emprende-entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge-, He has developed a broadcast day to raise awareness among businessmen and entrepreneurs of the municipality 'Andalucía Emprende Cooperates' program and show how they can interact through this digital platform and try to create synergies, offer and demand products and services and develop cooperation projects.

Activity, which was attended by businessmen and entrepreneurs eleven to six women and five men, he has benefited from the intervention of Juan Miguel Piñero Pedrosa, President of the Association of Trades and manager KimiCant Cantoria, company dedicated to the marketing of hygiene products, who has exhibited models of good practice in business cooperation.

In its final section, The day included a networking session and identifying synergies among self-seven assistants, an enterprising and three workers of family enterprises, who have welcomed the action has served to bring about a meeting between companies from various sectors, mainly trade and services, and construction and sale, development and laying marble and all kinds of natural stone, inter.

Cooperates Andalucía Emprende aims to respond to all entrepreneurs who need advice, Contacts and information to mount your company. The portal, designed to facilitate the establishment of business cooperation projects, It is a space where entrepreneurs can voice their ideas and visibility to their projects, meet other companies and make contacts for their business interest, share knowledge and exchange experiences, find partners and collaborators to achieve new goals and grow their businesses by creating a large network of potential customers. Access 'cooperates Andalusian Enterprise' is performed via link

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Andalucía Emprende is attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge that is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and business activity in the region through more important 200 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE), which 26 They are in Almeria. They offer free counseling services, specialized training and technical support to entrepreneurs and businessmen and encourage entrepreneurial culture, el desarrollo empresarial y la cooperación, además de favorecer el desarrollo local y ofrecer alojamientos empresariales gratuitos, tanto en naves como en oficinas, para facilitar la puesta en marcha de las nuevas empresas en sus momentos iniciales.

In the first half of this year, the CADEs of the Almeria province contributed to the creation of 442 new businesses and 19 development plans, which generated 614 new jobs, of which 553 came from the companies created and 61 of development plans.