The Board commissions the option of giving continuity to Albox 22 kilometers from the motorway Almanzora.

Felipe Lopez highlights 103 million invested by Public Works and Housing in this major road works and announces year-end in the Cucador-La Conception.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has put into operation a new tranche of 8,7 kilometers from the motorway Almanzora corresponding to the variant of Albox, following a public investment 46,3 million. The Minister Felipe Lopez announced, during the opening of the road, which later this year will launch the works of a new stretch between El Cucador and La Concepción, which in their view demonstrates "the relevance of this major road projects that the regional government is promoting". "The fulfillment of the commitment of the Board to this region and the province of Almeria in the development of this infrastructure is a strategic commitment linked to the opportunities and potential for economic development", he stressed.

With the commissioning of the variant is a continuation 22 kilometers of highway, since it connects to two other sections already in service corresponding to Purpose-Albox and the connection between the variant of Albox with the Cucador. With all these actions a global investment is completed 103,4 million euros to this line of large capacity since the beginning of its execution.

"This action will significantly improve traffic conditions and driving comfort, favoring mobility over 70.000 people, corresponding to 28 municipalities integrated in the Almanzora ", Lopez stressed, who added that "the new variant will facilitate the transport of goods from the marble industry and bound for the big distribution points, which clearly have an impact on the economic and productive fabric of this region and its export activity, field in Andalusia, and especially Almeria, still they have great growth potential ".

The work completion Albox variant reactivated in May 2014, responding to the regional government's commitment to resume those infrastructure projects which were in an advanced state of implementation and have a high social impact, economic and territorial. In such resumption it has influenced the Declaration of Great Project Almanzora motorway by the European Commission in December 2013, as it has made available Feder Funds.

Performance characteristics

Throughout the 8,7 kilometers variant have run duplication jobs roadway, so that the new infrastructure has two lanes 3,5 meters in each direction, outer verges 2,5 meters and interior of a meter, and medians of six meters

Beside the splitting, The performance also includes the construction of 3 bonds and 16 structures (viaducts). In regard to the links, The first one gives access to the industrial area of ​​Albox, the second connected to the electrical substation Sevilla-Endesa and the road AL-7102 (antigua ALP-831) of Albox Almanzora by the La Molata; and the third provides access to the town of Arboleas, its industrial park, a local road which branches off to the La Perla.

In the first four kilometers of the route it crosses the ravine Late on three occasions, Terdiguera Canyon and Rambla de Albox. Equally, in the final stretch of the wadi of traversing Hortichuela, Honda and the Llanos, that are saved by building viaducts. Also, the new highway crosses four cattle pathways which has continued: the Vereda del Marchal, Cordel the Tower, Vereda del Camino Viejo Road and Limaria. The last one crosses urban land, thus it has reversed.

On the other hand, in the execution of the work they have been taken into account access to adjacent properties to the road, to which they have been guaranteed the continuity of the roads affected by the route of the variant.

The roadworks between Cucador-La Conception

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing will start later this year the construction of the section between the Cucador and La Concepción, consisting of 3,3 kilometers long and carries an estimated budget 23 million. For the execution of this section there will be co-financed by European Funds, as it has happened with the variant of Albox, Statement by the Big Project.

Besides the variant and the section between the Cucador and La Concepción, The Board has also taken up from the second half of 2014 other infrastructure projects of great social and regional impact for the province of Almeria, including the burial of access to the port of Garrucha, which will be finalized in the last quarter of this year; and improved A-334, from Caniles (Granada) a Purchena (Almería), which you are already in service.

Almanzora motorway

The Almanzora motorway allow connection via high-capacity A-92 North, a la altura de Baza, with the Mediterranean motorway A-7 through a broker 84 kilometers long defined by the A-334. This infrastructure, once built entirely, allow lower in 36 the current route kilometers between Baza (Granada) and Huércal-Overa for high capacity roads (A-92 N, A-91 and A-7).

This infrastructure, which when completed will represent an investment of 500 million, It is included in the Infrastructure Plan for Sustainable Transport (TRACK), within the target set by the regional government to complete the road network of high capacity to articulate the connections with cities and production centers.

This motorway will contribute to the growth and development of the Almanzora, where towns and industrial estates are located with a strong social and economic activity derived from the marble industry.