The Board launched in Albox a heliport to improve emergency care.

Albox General

The Department of Equality, Health and Social Policy of the Government of Andalusia has launched a new heliport in the town of Albox intended landing and takeoff of helicopters 061 to improve the transfer and evacuation of patients in situations of health emergencies, which represents an investment of 36.297 euros.

This platform is the ninth that is created in the province of Almería, along with built in localities of Tabernas, Pulpí, Vera, Pannier, Mary, Laujar of Andarax and Abrucena, and in the Hospital La Inmaculada in Huercal Overa, the latter prepared for future night flights.

Albox heliport is located northwest of the town, outside the village, on land donated by the municipality albojense. It has a windsock that provides pilots with knowledge of the prevailing direction thereof, while paths available to expedite the arrival of ambulances to the same landing and take-off, thus improving the accessibility of critically ill patients that require transfers by helicopter.

The delegate of Equality, Health and Social Policy, Alfredo Valdivia and welfare director of the Public Company for Health Emergencies, José Javier García have visited this infrastructure 268 square meters that will streamline air in critical health care and transport to hospitals for patient referrals, both local and from neighboring municipalities.

Ready for landing and takeoff of helicopters health 061, The heliport is part of the Integral Network Andalucía heliports managed by the Public Enterprise for Health Emergencies, which is funded by European Regional Development Funds totaling 6.328.693 euros.

The Almeria, within this project, They will soon feature two heliports in Ohanes and Nijar 2015. With these 11 helipads, Health will improve the transfer and evacuation in emergency health situations in neighboring counties from all almerienses.

Air emergency equipment

The Public Health Emergency Service has a fleet of medical helicopters, distributed by the community, for urgent air transport of critically ill patients or in emergencies in Andalusia. The aerial teams are primarily mobilized to act in traffic accidents or to assist patients with severe trauma, and to assist people with cardiac arrest, coma or stroke.

Helicopter 061 which covers the province of Almeria priority is situated in the hospital of Baza, in Granada and has been active in the last year 77 opportunities to the attention of emergencies in the province in collaboration with devices critical care and emergency department Andalusian Health Service, 4 them to the town of Albox.

Helicopters 061 are considered special operations and are authorized to take land for emergency reasons outside airports and aerodromes, either preset areas or other places making necessary.

These devices are equipped with the latest communication technologies that allow for geolocation from the coordination of emergency rooms and emergency 061, while facilitating the work of health information during transfer of patients to referral hospitals. The helicopters are equipped with all the necessary equipment to professionals 061 (doctors and nurses) they can treat patients as if in a mobile ICU.

Service health emergencies 061 Almeria, that DIRIGEANT Itzíar Vivar Díaz, has two mobile UVIS, located, one in the hospital Virgen del Mar (Blue Ball) and another in the Hospital de Poniente, El Ejido, and a vehicle logistical support for mass emergencies.