The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, forward a letter to the mayors of the municipalities of the Almanzora and other regions of the province to celebrate this holiday weekend, especially in programs that include field trips and forest areas-, in which municipal officials ask your cooperation to move when the neighbors need to use extreme preventive measures when conducting activities that may cause a forest fire.

And is that, due to the climatic situation-by the lack of rain-, forest areas of the province are in a situation of extreme fire risk, can multiply risk recreational activities, when undertaken negligently. Thus José Manuel Ortiz recalled that recently a forest fire occurred in a municipality in the province due to the negligence of neighbors participating in a recreational events and built a fire to prepare a meal.

Enforces the Fire

The Act expressly prohibits Andalusia Fire "light a fire for any purpose other than the preparation of food in places that purpose expressly conditioned". Also, Law prohibits throwing or abandon matches, butts, cigarettes or burning objects, and throwing or leaving the field, papers, Plastics, glasses or any type of waste or garbage, and general, fuel or material that can cause a fire. And traditional recreational activities, delegate warns the Environment, "In no case may involve a breach of the Act, less even if the breach can have serious impact on the safety and security of our citizens and the preservation of our natural heritage ".

José Manuel Ortiz ends his letter to the mayors reiterating the request for cooperation of municipalities when neighbors move "extreme risk of forest fires in the province which is our, in order to be scrupulous in the fulfillment of the law and avoid any activity that might lead us as dramatic and painful situations, generated as a wildfire ".

The Last March, the delegate of the Board sent a letter to all mayors in the province, in which they asked the participating municipalities for dissemination among its neighbors, mainly farmers- the need to "strictly comply" measures when making fire in agriculture. And is that, in recent months there has been an increase in forest fires in the province, according to the delegate fires originate, mainly, low rainfall in the province suffering, well as the failure of preventive measures by some agents in agriculture and livestock when performing burning of the remains of their holdings.