The Board provides meat Seron entrepreneurs to internationalize resources and save energy.

General Pannier

Adriana Valverde and José Manuel Ortiz attend the reopening of the company's Hams Seron 1880 '.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, and territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, have taken the support of the Government of Andalusia to the meat industry Seron sector have offered their companies resources Andalusian for consolidation and growth, boosting its presence in foreign markets, recruitment and reduced energy costs. This has been done at the opening today of the company's Hams Seron 1880 ', the oldest firm criteria, recently acquired by the company 'Distributions Cherry Ham'.

The reopening of the dryer is a diversification of its activity, directly to start making cured meat products. Until now, 'Distributions Cherry Ham', located in Terrassa and founded in 1964 Hand seronense Antonio Cerezo to sell in the Barcelona town hams of his people, third party products marketed. Also buy ham blood, which is drying assembly plants from different parts of the national territory. His entire catalog of ham is marketed under the brand 'Cherry', including the region of origin, While the new products will carry the banner 'Hams Seron'.

Nowadays, Cherry has a turnover in excess of 16 million and a portfolio of more than 6.000 customers, turn a 10 European countries and markets more than 220 thousand pieces of ham and more 40.000 batches per year. In 2011 The team exceeded the 70 people. To work on 'Hams Seron 1880' signature initially hired five employees of the municipality.

Adriana Valverde and José Manuel Ortiz commended the company for its reopening and have agreed to evaluate the turning for the meat industry will Seron recognition Protected Geographical Indication 'ham Seron', "An award for great work done over the years by local businessmen meat and fruit of excellent quality and characteristics of the product," he remarked Ortiz, Valverde lie stressed that these meat "are made entirely in our land".

Meeting with entrepreneurs meat Seron

The territorial delegate also recalled the recent meeting with the president of the Meat Industry Association of Seron, Luis Segura, and members of the board, in which he could understand their needs and pass on the support lines providing the Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment entrepreneurs and business, the incentives of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia, IDEA, by which the Andalusian supports building projects, modernization and introduction of new technologies into our businesses.

He also explained to them that have the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia, Extenda, to begin in the foreign trade, consolidate and expand markets, informing them that since July Extenda has a technical advisor in Almeria. He also made known to the incentives of the Andalusian Energy Agency to save on their energy bills in both lighting and machinery used, and support for permanent recruitment and employment Young Bono, to support the addition to its staff of "qualified youth with a proactive attitude to work". Also, Valverde recalled that the Government of Andalusia has reduced administrative business creation and development constraints and is facilitating entrepreneurship in less time and for free, assuming the costs of incorporation Initiative @ mprende , whose period is open until 31 December 2014.

In the province hay 47 ham drying and 23 embedded plants, with a production of more than 5 million kilos and a turnover of more than 50 million, which on a 85% sold in the national market, employing some 500 people. Ham production, because of the economic and financial situation, has suffered in recent years, with a reduction of about 18%. However, with efforts, the sector remains an important activity, especially in areas like the Almanzora.

Companies that are part of the Meat Industry Association of Seron turnover of about 7 million per year and generate about 50 direct jobs in the area, production being the Almanzora of 1,6 million kilos of ham. But beyond the value of these figures, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment draws attention to "the important contribution that livestock and meat industries arising contribute to the maintenance and development and structuring of rural and Almeria, specific, the Valley of Almanzora ".

In achieving this position, as the delegate of the Board, plays a prominent Meat Industry Association of Seron paper, in addition to the organization of the Fair Serrano ham with the City of Seron, actively involved in promoting Quality Certified products in malls and fairs such as Andalucía Sabor, Food and Gourmet Show, and works for the implementation of traceability, from the farm to the final consumer, in order to improve product quality.