The Board shows entrepreneurs how to Huércal-Overa collective financing for their projects


The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Huercal-Overa, a member of the Andalucía Emprende Foundation -adscrita turn to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge-, He has developed a workshop on collective financing of business projects to which they have attended a dozen entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from various sectors, and which consisted of a theoretical approach or crowdfunding crowdfunding and on learning how to conduct a campaign for investors using this procedure in order to take forward a business idea.

Luis Navarro López, Project leader in the Consortium Fernando Rios -the public entity that manages the network Guadalinfo, promoted by the Ministry of Employment, Company and together with the provincial Trade and municipalities andaluces-, He has been commissioned to show attendees what the crowdfunding, a search method of cooperationcollectively conducted primarily through digital platforms that favors setting up a network of people willing to contribute money or other resources to finance efforts, initiatives and projects of other people. The basics of this revolutionary way of financing increasingly used, both creative projects and business, Community key and an exhibition of success stories have shaped his speech.

For his part, José Berenguer Berenguer, company manager, He explained how to design a crowdfunding campaign, from a strategic communication plan, and some considerations to keep in mind to meet it successfully, such as analyzing the strengths, virtues and possibilities of the project and the type of people who may be interested, make an initial outreach effort, combining various communication channels, plan and generate new, rely on those who are supporting the project, search references in the sector that can defend the idea or perform at least one action a day linked to the campaign, inter.

This is the third time that holds the CADE of this year Huércal-Overa to raise awareness among entrepreneurs of the municipality different ways to get funding. In April, The Box, BBVA and Unicaja, entities with which the Andalusian has signed cooperation agreements to facilitate the Andalusian entrepreneurs access to financing their business projects, and the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA), of the Department of Employment, Business and Trade, They participated in a conference on bank loans and public assistance.

On the other hand, Last May the Center for Entrepreneurial Development Huércal-Overa was one of the 16 CADEs province which hosted the theoretical and practical workshops with the platform presented 'Learn to finance your', a tool 2.0 designed by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.

These actions are co-financed on a 80% by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (FEATHER).