The Board will mobilize three million in the regeneration of areas in six municipalities in Almería.

General Pannier

Almería, El Ejido, Nijar, Pulpí, Rioja and Seron benefit Friendly City program of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía mobilize three million euros in transforming public spaces of the six municipalities of the province of Almería selected by the Friendly City program, Chasing a model of development which generates new points of citizen encounter, remaining space in the car and gives greater prominence to pedestrian. The territorial delegate of Works and Housing in Almería, Embodies Caparros, today it met with the mayors of Almería, El Ejido, Nijar, Pulpí, Seron Rioja and to inform them about the project financing, which will have financial participation by the Junta de Andalucía and municipalities.

The actions are grouped into three categories: Environmental Islands, interventions in urban sectors delimited (an area of ​​the historic center, for example) that reduces space to cars; Livable Spaces, architectural projects of activation and improvement of environmental and landscape quality of a public space, with more limited scope that environmental island (street, plaza…); and Sustainable Way, design cycle routes that connect places of residence workplaces, leisure, trade and activities.

In the province of Almería, three municipalities have chosen the category of Sustainable Way, two and one Livable Spaces Island Environmental. The latter is the case Pulpí, with an initiative budgeted over 570.000 euros, changes in mobility pursues two main roads of the municipality, connecting with pedestrian areas, sports facilities and new growth areas.

In the category of Sustainable Ways coalesce three municipalities: Nijar, El Ejido and Seron. The Nijar City Council project raises a pedestrian-bikeway, parallel to the AL-311, San Isidro to join and Campohermoso, This will have a particularly favorable impact on immigrants who daily travels by bicycle to their work points. Besides via, stay and rest areas will be constructed at points of interest. This project, benefiting a population of 28.245 people, envisages an investment of 866.700 euros.

Also in the category of Sustainable Routes include projects submitted by El Ejido and Seron. In the first case, action is the union of the existing bicycle network, currently disconnected, to the nearby network proposed by the Bicycle Plan Andaluz (HELP), completing three tours or linking existing. This investment is expected to 330.000 euros. In the town of Seron, with a population of around 1.400 people, a cycling network will be incorporated, with ciclocalles number in urban and cycleway along the journey. The estimated cost of these works is about to 100.000 euros.

Livable Spaces in Almería and Seron

Two projects have been selected in the category of Living Space: Seron Almeria. The proposed capital Almeria affects the recovery of empty spaces and partial pedestrianization of the Plaza Vieja. Specifically it is to use spaces within the historical, declared of cultural interest, who have never been pedestrian. They are the meeting points of the streets Almanzor, Queen Mary and Joseph Acosta, where parking will be eliminated, gaining accessibility and aesthetics. In the Plaza Vieja peatonalizará of the space to create a zone of street furniture and stay with woodland, with an investment of more than 280.000 euros.

In Seron, the Friendly City program will leverage existing greenway to connect with Avenida Lepanto in the urban stretch of the A-1132. This project, budgeted 880.000 euros, also includes the treatment of a mile voyage, with expansion of the road, calm traffic and reduce the number of car parks and rest areas along the route.