The Board will regularize residential buildings isolated on undeveloped land.


Policy changes to those homes where the prescribed deadline for the return of the planning law The Governing Council has agreed to begin preparing the draft bill to amend three articles of the Law on Urban Planning of Andalusia limited (LOUA), in order to allow the regularization of residential buildings isolated on undeveloped land. The Ministry of Environment and Land Management estimates that 20.000 and 25.000 property could benefit from this measure.
According to the changes, isolated residential buildings in which it has already prescribed refund within the planning law can regularize their situation provided they have at least six years old, are not located in flood zones or special protection and are not affected by administrative or criminal records. Also, Once regularized, their owners can not perform expansion work.
The rule will give legal certainty to holders of houses located in small subdivisions on which you can no longer take disciplinary actions, opening the possibility of applying the scheme assimilated to sort out (You). Owners may well inscribe in the records of the property and access to basic services like electricity and water. Also, these holders should take urgent corrective measures to eliminate the landscape or environmental impacts that may have occurred, especially on water resources.
In the case of buildings on plots that have the status of settlement, adjustment shall be made through the incorporation thereof to urban planning.
In addition to the amendment of Articles, the standard also includes two additional provisions to strengthen the process of identification of buildings on undeveloped land and ensure access to planning information. The first states that municipalities must begin within two years writing the advance planning, necessary for identifying the instrument housing and the application regime AFO. The second requires corporations to respond within a maximum period of two months to queries raised by the public in relation to the planning regime for land and buildings on undeveloped land.