The Board improves energy efficiency 29 houses of public ownership of Cantoria.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, was here this morning rehabilitation activities to improve energy efficiency developed in 29 public housing owned by the Junta de Andalucía in Cantoria, under the Programme to Promote Sustainable Construction, managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency.

Works, which have focused on the renewal of insulation covers households to improve their energy efficiency, "Entail improved habitability and, above all, savings on electricity bills for families residing in the 29 housing, many with limited economic resources ", Valverde explained Adriana. The promotion is in the public housing stock of the Board, managed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing through Housing and Rehabilitation Agency of Andalusia (YOUR), It is called 'The morerica' and is located on Avenida de Oriente 42 of Cantoria.

The provincial head of Economy has also visited the center of this town Guadalinfo, which has 1.540 users and users, involving the 39% of the population of this town, to see first hand the training and revitalization activities in the use of new technologies (TICs) that develop during March, which include introductory courses in ICT and word processors and support to users in the digital environment.

The Guadalinfo center develops Cantoria, in its aspect of social innovation, an important work of collection and dissemination of cultural heritage, historical and ethnographic Township, closely with the Stone Association Yllora, emerged in 2005 within the center. The association publishes every year a cultural magazine mainly by users Guadalinfo, especially older people who have evolved from barely literate, often, to use the Internet to get information about food, legends, culture, photo archives and other information it collects Stone magazine Yllora, whose last issue will be presented on Saturday 13 March along with a book on Cantoria edited by the Institute of Almería Studies.

In the last provincial meeting of facilitators of the network one of the users Cantoria, Diego Piñero, a retired mason, He received the award for user tractor for his commitment to the revitalization of downtown and for his selfless work that is capable of improving the impact of the center in their community. The Stone Yllora Association has also recently been awarded by the Andalusian Federation of Communities of Barcelona for his work recovery of historical memory and traditions.

Support local businesses

Also, Guadalinfo Cantorian is streamlining trade area through another project of social innovation by the business associations are encouraged, in collaboration with the Association of Local merchants 'Al-Balawi'. During the visit, Adriana Valverde has met the president of this institution and has offered you the resources of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment to boost local trade. It also manages two years the sports club 'La Media League of Cantoria', by which he has organized several hiking trails and instilled younger sporting values ​​and respect for the environment

Adriana Valverde has highlighted the evolution of Guadalinfo from its initial intention of extending digital literacy "to become an engine for socio-economic transformation of the territory with the involvement of users, supported by the facilitators of the centers, in social innovation projects covering areas such as employment, formation, entrepreneurship, health, tourism, solidarity, care environment and equal opportunities ".

The network brings twelve years Guadalinfo ensuring that all citizens of the community, wherever they live and whatever their age or socioeconomic status, they can access new technologies. Guadalinfo has 92 centers in Almería, in municipalities with less than 20.000 people, in addition to 8 Centers Public Access Internet (Head), in urban areas at risk of social exclusion of capital, El Ejido and Nijar. Account in our province with almost 100.000 users and users.