The Board improves public mountain Count, de Bacares, to prevent forest fires .

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has undertaken a series of actions to reduce combustible material in public mountain Count, en Bacares, where he has held a series of treatments to prevent forest fires. The work consisted in maintenance of stability of the forest for the recovery of the biological potential of Mount. This action, part of the Plan for Employment in Andalusia, It represents an investment of more than 120.000 euros and generated more than 600 wages in the area.

The, recalls the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, is the second in Ministry performs the town of Bacares, within the Emergency Plan. Before, conducted a performance in the Sierra de Los Filabres, which was extended by public forests of Senés, He pulled, Laroya, Cóbdar and Bayarque, with an overall investment of more than 240.000 euros, generated a 1.500 wages. In this case, work consisted of thinning, podas y eliminación de residuos vegetales de los montes.

The program of forest regeneration and environmental improvement and rural-one of the three sectoral programs Plan for Employment-, provides for a total investment of Almería 5,8 million and generating a 56.000 wages, over 80 municipalities in the province.

The initiative, recalls José Manuel Ortiz, tiene como objetivo impulsar el ’empleo verde’ in rural areas by taking action, mainly, projects fire prevention and improvement of forest infrastructure; regeneration work; revaluation of public forests; work of conservation of flora, wildlife and their habitats, combat erosion and desertification, and the maintenance and restoration of the rural heritage. These work related to indirect employment linked to the use and enjoyment of resources and services offered bind the wild (forest biomass, pasture for cattle or tourism), in 82 municipalities in the province.