The Board invests 4,3 million in workshops and craft centers as outlined in Macael.

The Board funded program created 243 jobs in the county.

The Andalusian has invested 4,298.887 euros in celebrating 15 workshop schools and trades that have been developed over 2013 in the Almanzora and ending, mostly, later this month.

This program funded by the Board involved the creation of 243 jobs, of which 201 is for students to improve their working couple professional qualification. The specialties are taught geriatric care, tourism, kitchen, agriculture, environmental audits, comuniti manager and forestry work.

Employment Workshops Crafts houses tomorrow involved in the 'I sign Comarca del Almanzora Crafts' have been promoted by 11 municipalities (Tíjola, Fines, Olula River, Abrucena, Purchena, Oria, Macael, Arboleas, Pannier, Albanchez and Las Tres Villas); See Association of Olula; Rural Labour Foundation and two commonwealths, the Almanzora Valley and Villages of the Interior.

The Show is organized by the Unit for the Promotion and Development (UPD), is an employment program run by the Council of Almería and funded by the Board and by the European Social Fund.

The Training Workshops, Job Centres and Employment Workshops develop temporary projects, based on alternating between training and work, professionalization that allow participants with a preference for groups that have special difficulties in finding work (mainly young, long-term unemployed, women, People with Disabilities, etc.). For his part, Units Promotion and Development collaborate in the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of the activities carried out by these programs.

The overall objective of the 'I sign Shire Trades Almanzora' is to disseminate training and social work and work done by each and every one of the projects that have been carried out and publicize the entrepreneurs skills developed by students project workers, relating to labor skills and knowledge acquired both theoretical and practical.

Across the province, the Andalusian Government has invested more than 19,5 million in 68 Training Workshops, Craft Centres and Employment Workshops that have been developed over the past year, forwarded by municipalities and entities. This program has led to the creation of 1.113 jobs.