The Board will invest 122 million and create 4.000 jobs in the regional ports to 2020.

The draft Master Plan for Ports of Andalucia 2014-2020 includes a public investment 122 million euros in 24 direct management of regional ports which will result in the creation of 4.000 new jobs related activities such as recreational boating, fishing, tourism, auxiliary industry, commercial activities and leisure.

These data are extracted from the document, presented by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing institutions and civil society groups in the province of Sevilla related to port activities.

El Plan, currently is undergoing a process of citizen participation, is the first tool of port management system implementation in Andalusia and ports conceived as engines of economic and social development.

The only regional port in Sevilla is to Gelves, that is managed through a dealer in this case the City Council is. The main measure referred to in the Plan for this port is the implementation of an esplanade for winter storage of boats.

This proposal is included in the section corresponding to docks and technical areas, Port areas of great value to serve as support for industrial conservation activities, maintenance, repair and even shipbuilding.

The main measure referred to in the document to support its development is the regulation of the technical areas to define three types of areas on the same: lifting area and launched boats, with maximum security restrictions and maneuvers carried out by professional, wintering area, where the individual is allowed entry with maximum security constraint, area and maintenance activities, which have the lowest level of restriction.

Overall, the implementation of new technical areas envisaged in the River Piedras and Sancti Petri, remodeling of existing areas in Ayamonte, Adra, Garrucha and Bay of Cadiz and the development of marine dry or wintering areas in ports Gelves, Ayamonte, Mazagon, Sancti Petri, Barbate, Carboneras and Garrucha.

Currently the activities are based on the 24 ports direct management of the Andalusian provide employment to 39.881 workers, disaggregated 8.862 direct jobs and 31.019 Indirect. With the implementation of the 110 measures provided for in the Council Plan provides increment a 10% This figure, thereby creating a 4.000 jobs.