The Meeting starts at Vera works of two new phases to improve the rural road Cañada de la Cruz Loma-Soler.

The Andalusian has started this week at Vera works to improve rural road Cañada de la Cruz Loma-Soler, some jobs that are undertaken with the financial balance of the project with the Plan Encamina2 in various rural roads of the municipality, and which together represent an investment of more than 55.000 euros from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. En total, the two works, that are complementary, include improving over 1 kilometer of rural road owned by the City of Vera, session without the need to make any financial contribution.

One of the performances-the Phase II project called- is made under the Plan for Employment in Andalusia. These works extend along 505 meters of road, and budget execution is 28.700 euros. The width of the track is 5 meters, and among other actions, the project includes the clearing of vegetation on road margins, removal of the pavement to a depth of 20 inches; refining, glide and compacting road base almost 3.000 square meter; granular layer construction with artificial gravel; and construction of surface course asphalt and sealed with triple sandblasted.

The project known as Phase III is conducted with program Encamina2, on a stretch of road 545 meters long, with an investment budget of nearly 26.800 euros. In this stretch of road, of 4,5 meters wide, vegetation clearing activities will also take place in the margins; refining, planing and compacting roadbed; granular layer construction with artificial gravel; construction of surface course asphalt and sealed with triple sandblasted: and replenishing 2 precast manholes.


The draft Phase I of the Plan included upgrading Encamina2 almost 2.500 meters of the old ways of Mojacar (from the national road 340); Old Garrucha; Nueve Oliveras; Glen Church; and Glen Loma La Cruz-Soler.

Thanks to these actions and that have started this week, the Andalusian improving access to dozens of farms Vera, as highlighted by the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, who notes that these plans, "Board responds to the demands of farmers, they need to improve access to farms and forest, improvement resulting in increased competitiveness and revitalization of such farms and, therefore, income of producers ".

Also, the regional government acting in solidarity with the municipalities that, due to economic and financial difficulties being experienced by many local corporations, can not always meet the necessary tasks for improvement and maintenance of rural roads, tracks which also contribute to increasing the quality of life of rural.