The Board informs almerienses mayors of the supply of land in their municipalities amounting to 13,3 million

Image Meeting.

Image Meeting.

The territorial delegate of Public Works and Housing in Almeria, Joaquín Jiménez, It has met with mayors Pulpí, Pannier, Gérgal, Lubrín, Oria, Vélez Rubio, Cuevas del Almanzora and Taverns to inform them about the new offering of floors, valued at 13,3 million, and "will, on the one hand, housing construction and, for another, revenues that go towards policies to ensure the right to housing for the poorest families ".

During the meeting, the delegate reminded the mayors that the new edition includes both residential and industrial flooring, totaling 149.507 square meter, distributed 195 plots, of which 122 They are industrial and tertiary, and the rest residential qualification and ability to 249 free housing and protected.

"This deal is a boost for the economy of the municipalities, because in addition to reactivate the construction sector, creating jobs, invigorate the economic activity and business and industrial development in the new soil ", He added Jimenez, who recalled that the supply of industrial and tertiary land sum 131.651 m2, distributed 122 plots located in the municipalities of Pulpí (58), Pannier (34), Gérgal (29) and Fines (1 plot). The price of these soils amounts to 10,2 million.

As for residential soils for promotion 177 add free housing 16.407 m2 and are located in the municipalities of Lubrin (34 plots), Oria (30), Vélez Rubio (4), Cuevas de Almanzora (2) and Taverns (1 plot). The sum of the prices of these 71 plots totals 2 million. They add to them the two plots, a total of 1.449 m2, aimed at building 72 housing in El Ejido and are offered in almost 1 million euros.

Alongside these soils, the offer includes three storage rooms in Huércal de Almería, as well as six commercial premises in Pechina and Benahadux. The competition is open to bid until the day 21 November, and it will be resolved before the end of the year. Specifically, the scheduled date for the opening of bids is 27 November.

This last year land supply pursues, like the previous ones since the Ministry of Public Works and Housing resumed this activity at the beginning of the current legislature, dispose of already urbanized land for AVRA and therefore, prepared to build. Thereby, the Andalusian Regional Government wants to boost housing development, especially under protection, investment and encourage business fabric using industrial land that is offered.