Works to improve road safety in the A-334 Armunya.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía road safety works that have enabled the development of a new change of direction for the entry and exit of farm vehicles to the A-334 at kilometer ended 43,6, in the municipality of Armunya Almanzora. The delegate of Public Works and Housing, Embodies Caparros, accompanied by the mayor of the town, José Berrueso, has visited the area where the work has been developed, which involves an investment of 59.664 euros.

Caparros Rush stressed that intervention will "improve road safety for all users who pass through this point, where heavy vehicles were forced to invade the opposite direction to perform ".

This kilometer of the A-334, on the right side there is a paved road with a variable width of about three meters. Until the intervention, movements out of the road did not involve difficulty, however for additions, due to the arrangement of the road, users are required complicated maneuvers. In the case of heavy vehicles, especially dedicated to agricultural traffic, this operation involved invade the opposite lane due to the lack of angle for rotation. In return, on the left side of the road there is another access that connects with the old C-323, where it is permitted left turn and has sense enough visibility Huercal-Overa and Baza sense.

The performance, awarded to the company Construcciones Pérez Jiménez, has involved the implementation of a connection path below the two existing bridges on both margins, so that the access is to the right and freezes out access only left, that offers greater visibility and rotation angle, has been designed to output operations and incorporation. With the adequacy of this step under both structures transit from the population of the area Armunya plain north of the A-334 is also enabled, avoiding driving on the road agricultural vehicles.

In the stretch of road on the right bank has implemented a strong reinforcement with asphalt mix and the path under the bridge has been necessary to remove all the rubble later to make the journey with extended artificial gravel and asphalt mixture. In the stretch of road on the left side has been enlarged embankment. All this action is completed with the horizontal and vertical signage and the installation of safety barriers on sections fall hazard.