The Board manages the transfer to other private centers of users affected by the closure of the residence Veraparaíso.

The Andalusian, through the Social Services Agency and Dependency has begun to manage the transfer to other private centers of users affected by the imminent closure of the elderly residents Veraparaíso, the Andalusian village of Vera.

The Agency for Social Services and Dependency learned yesterday from the location of the center and has initiated the necessary procedures to locate in other residences to 21 Users who occupied concerted square in the center.

During yesterday proceeded to communicate and inform families of the situation and you ofertarles the possibility of moving residents to other private centers in the province, mainly those located in different locations in the Alto Almanzora. Once completed the provisional and urgent to any of the centers offered relocation and after a period of adaptation, Users can apply for a place in other residences of your choice.

It is also offering families the opportunity to accompany their relatives during transfer, in order to make it as bearable as possible the change of address and prevent it might affect the physical or mental health of dependents.

A team of technicians and Social Services Agency Unit has moved this morning to Vera, to personally inform seniors of the situation, the various means available to them for the transfer and the conditions under which it was held the same.

In all cases, the healthcare history residents will be sent to the new destination centers, to ensure the quality and safety of care received dependents.

With respect to private users occupying squares in the center, Agency of Social Services and Dependency is also offering them information on homes for the elderly that exist in the province and the alternatives that have on completion of Veraparaíso.