The Board generates more than 21.000 with improved wages 170 kilometers of rural roads in the province.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has generated more than 21.000 wages, direct and indirect jobs, in improving 170 kilometers of rural roads throughout the province of Almería in the context of Encamina2 and Emergency Plan for Employment programs in Andalusia.

En total, in the last three years, the Andalusian has made improvement works 281 agricultural roads, some works whose total budget amounted to 13,5 million.

This public investment, as highlighted in a statement territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, It has improved access to thousands of farms, “contributing to increased productivity and income of the farming sector in the province”.

Plan within Encamina2, the Department has performed work in more than 156 linear kilometers of 250 roads across the province, whereas the Emergency Plan for Employment, recently completed, has enabled improved 13,2 kilometers 31 Rural Roads 12 Municipalities.

Public investment has been assumed by the Government of Andalusia and the EU, with EAFRD funds, no cost to municipalities, who are the owners of these pathways. With these plans, as indicated Ortiz, the Andalusian “supports for years to Andalusian consistories, many of which, due to economic and financial difficulties faced, can not assume the improvement and adaptation of some roads that are essential for farms and, sometimes, for internal communication of these municipalities”.

Overall, rural roads performances have included the improvement of firm, lining ditches, construction of speed bumps, incorporation of steps saves ditches at the entrances to plots, riprap protection, surface and underground drainage and installation of defenses against erosion on roads. Among other actions, have been built 250 meters of masonry walls, 1.573 meters of ditches and 5.300 coated and gutters have been carried over 100 engineering structures.

To these works in collaboration with the Government of Andalusia is not just with municipalities to improve municipal rural roads, since this year 2015, in principle, actions are planned in eleven municipalities of the province, with an approximate extraordinary investment 1,3 million.