The Board generates more than 1.100 wages for forestry activities in the public forest The Lentiscar.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning is generating more than 1.100 wages Cantoria starring restoring forestry potential and introducing prevention actions carried out in the public forest The Lentiscar. This action Plan for Employment, is part of a larger project provincial, with an investment of more than 312.000 euros, has been made in recent months in public forests of Alboloduy, Instinción, Macael, Purchena, Fines, Olula River and Urrácal.

The project is part of the Forestry Program Improvement and Regeneration Environmental and Rural, and objectives, recalls the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, "Are the enhancement of natural resources, improve and enhance the sustainable use of forest resources; promote the revitalization of business and, above all, encourage employment generation in rural areas ".

Work on the public forest The Lentiscar consist of silvicultural treatments masses in an area of 20,64 hectares, by thinning the existing pinewood eliminating dominated feet, diseased or malformed -in order to achieve a density and quality apropiadas-, pruning the remaining feet, timber removal and grinding on the ground remains unusable.

56.000 wages in 82 Municipalities

In the province of Almería, the Emergency Plan envisages an investment of nearly 8 million euros financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (Feader), with the primary objective of generating the so-called 'green jobs' in 82 Municipalities. This investment, almost 2 million is for the improvement of rural roads and 5,8 million performances forest regeneration and environmental improvement, will generate a 56.000 wages. The main objective, recalls the territorial delegate, José Manuel Ortiz, promotion is called 'green jobs' in 82 municipalities in the province, with the generation of a 58.600 wages.