Board members form local groups present help of the province of Almería

Image of one of the practices.

Image of one of the practices.
Image of one of the practices.

56 volunteers have participated in the Centers of Forest Defense Alhama and Seron in training activities related to forest fires.

Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Environment and Planning of the Junta de Andalucía, has held a series of training sessions aimed at the components of the Local Groups of Pronto Auxilio (GLPA) of the Almería province and related to forest fires. This instruction has been carried out framed in the Device for the Prevention and Extinction of Forest Fires of Andalusia, the INFOCA Plan .

A total of 56 volunteers from the localities of Tabernas, Canjáyar, Ohanes, Lubrín, Pulpí, Fiñana, Bédar, Sorbas and Los Gallardos have attended these courses that have been held at the Forest Defense Centers (Cedefo) from Alhama de Almería y Serón, which together with Vélez Blanco are the bases on which the ground and air resources of the Infoca Plan are positioned.

During these training actions, volunteers have shared the experiences of forest firefighters working at the facilities, knowing the risks involved in extinction work and how to avoid them.

Among the subjects taught is the role and regulations of the Local Groups of Pronto Auxilio, the use of personal protective equipment, tool handling and hose routing, the behavior of fire and different fuels and knowledge of the human and material resources of the plan.

Classes are taught by forest fire, Environmental agents belonging to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Forestry and Fire mechanics and pilots of aircraft, all staff Infoca Plan.

The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, It noted the important work volunteers Pronto Local Groups Help, such as preventive monitoring of those particularly sensitive areas to forest fires, in collaboration with the device Infoco Plan. Also, the training and equipment received allow them to collaborate in the extinction of a forest fire in an incipient phase, carry out logistical support tasks and participate in initiatives to restore burned areas.

The delegate also highlighted "the valuable role that GLPA members play in relation to social awareness in their immediate environment, since prevention and citizen awareness is essential to prevent forest fires and their spread ”.

Provincial extinguishing media

Almeria has 439 professionals supported by 15 heavy vehicles (13 pumpers and two wet nurses) and a mobile meteorology and broadcast unit (UMMT). As for the aerial means, the device has four aircraft. Three are transport and extinction helicopters positioned in each of the Cedefos and a cargo plane on the ground, on the Gérgal track.