The Board signed agreements with 20 Almería associations for young offenders serving community.


The Government delegate of the Junta de Andalucia in Almeria, Sonia Ferrer, has signed with representatives of 20 nonprofit entities, agreements to support the enforcement of measures open environment on juvenile offenders

In an environment of collaboration they set for children residing in the province can be made in the undersigned organizations benefits for the community, performing tasks socio, and assistance for conducting remedial activities for the company which has imposed judicial authority

During the event, which took place at the headquarters of the Government Office, Sonia Ferrer thanked the signatory associations and their involvement has recognized the work of all entities with implementation in Almería, since the entry into force of the Organic Law regulating the Criminal Responsibility of Minors, have signed specific agreements or signing contracts with the Andalusian Administration.

The delegate said that "Andalusia has become a national leader in juvenile justice policy" and an example of this is the Quality Award of Justice granted the General Council of the Judiciary (GCJ) last year 2013 to the Regional Administration for its efforts to retrain and reintegrate young offenders.

The major investment being made by the Board to maintain the resources and services in the care of juvenile offenders, despite forced by the economic and financial budget adjustments, It is paying off, Ferrer says, because "the level of reintegration of juvenile offenders who complete the execution of any measures has increased in recent years, to a rate of 80 percent of young Andalusian returning not to backslide "

The agreements signed facilitate compliance with court decisions in an open environment with the main objective of reintegration of young, Looking to understand that their behavior has caused negative consequences for certain people and that such conduct deserves formal rebuke of society and, thus, performing the work required of them is an act of reparation fair

From this perspective restorative and rehabilitative to allow the target, the benefits of non-profit is a key element. It is intended that the activities that the Andalusian judge proposed to be performed by children, meet the social interest or the benefit of people in precarious situations, looking nature relating to consistency of such activities with the nature of the legally injured by the acts committed by or lower

Ultimately, Ferrer says Treasury, "This is attract pioneering initiatives in education and training areas, aimed at development of positive habits that allow youth and a better society ".

The Government delegate of the Board also referred to to carry out this package, the Ministry of Justice and Interior urged a complete service in the province of Almería for the Execution of Judicial Authorities Open Environment, whose management, by service contract, corresponds to the Meridians Adis Association, nonprofit organization that develops innovative programs and systems for youth group, through regular contact with the social needs

The educational project Meridian for the enforcement of measures open environment is based on "strong commitment to youth and society, within which is considered essential enhance participation with the entities and associations of the vicinity ".