The Ministry of Environment and Spatial adaptation works Canyon Pot has ended, Cuevas del Almanzora, in the section from the access road to the dam site and the rowing channel. This intervention has regained the ability to drain the ravine and prevents future runs of material deposited in the rowing channel located downstream of the dam Cuevas.

The work consisted in rebuilding the dam by a breakwater of 4 meters, attached to existing gabion wall; cleaning the battery 3 steel pipes 58 meters long, located on the access road to the swamp; and dredging of the river bed, to recover their ability to drain.

This stretch of canyon was affected by the rains of late September 2012, that destroyed a gabion wall that served as sediment retention dam and flood control. Also, reduced their ability to drain saw the rise of streambed, following the collection carries and silting of 3 existing pipes under the road to the dam. Moreover, left unprotected temporary supply pipe-owned public company Galasa-, that runs parallel to the bed of the ravine, on the left bank.