The Board explained the Sustainable Building Program Momentum in Huercal Overa.

The information day will be held on 7 May at 19:30 at the headquarters of CADE.

The Andalusian has launched a series of information sessions to be held in the coming weeks in different parts of the province of Almería to publicize citizens, companies and associations Programme to Promote Sustainable Construction and incentives included in this, intended to support rehabilitation, reform or appropriateness of use and efficient installations from the energy point of view, looking up 48 fundable actions.

So, next Wednesday 7 May Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Huercal Overa will host from the 19:30 h. one of these days broadcast, which will involve the territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, and Chief of the Industry, Energy and Mines of the Territorial Delegation, Luis Díaz de Quijano.

According to Adriana Valverde recalled, This program has three goals: "to promote job creation in the construction, by focusing on the sustainable rehabilitation of buildings; reduce the energy bill of homes and businesses at a time that continues to rise and meet the goals set by the European Union greater efficiency and lower energy consumption ".

Program to Promote Sustainable Construction has 200 million budget and three lines of action: incentives to undertake energy projects, which will be managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency with a budget of 150 million from ERDF, loans for companies that manage the Agency with IDEA 50 million budget from the JEREMIE funds, and the creation of the Bureau of Sustainable Construction.

Since the 1 April, the term is open to citizens, neighboring communities, private companies, autonomous and non-profit organizations can apply for grants included in the first line, apoyar aimed at refurbishment work, reform or appropriateness of use and efficient installations from the energy point of view, looking up 48 fundable actions.

Almeria province will 12,3 million which will meet an average of 5.600 applications, and superior investment mobilized 20,5 EUR million to the funded activities, also will represent an annual saving 2,4 million in energy costs to beneficiaries and eliminate the emission of nearly 14.000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

To apply for the grant interested parties should be directed to the companies participating in the program, that dealt incentives as a service to applicants. For this, previously must be accredited by the Andalusian Energy Agency, they can also request from the 1 April. The list of partner companies will be published in the website of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment Agency.

The grants cover two types of actions: the first is to adapt energy works buildings to improve thermal performance and / or natural lighting conditions. Renovation and installation of windows or skylights are included, awnings and other shading elements, enclosure or glazed roof terraces, the implementation of innovative solutions or bioclimatic facades soils or removing obstacles to the passage of natural light, inter. The minimum investment will be 500 euros and percentage fixed between the 60 and 80% cost.

Moreover, reps works to provide efficient buildings or installations of renewable energy systems that allow savings in the generation, distribution and use of energy, as the installation of solar thermal energy to heat water or generate electricity, geothermal facilities or small wind, biomass boilers and pellet stoves, or replacement of water heaters and HVAC equipment with more efficient. It will cover between a 40 and 90% investment cost, whose minimum is 400 euros.