The Board Delivery 42 resolutions aid to municipalities to hire unemployed

Ceremony resolutions.

Ceremony resolutions.
Ceremony resolutions.

Government delegate, Moya Fernández Gracia, and the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, others have delivered today 42 resolutions aid under the Social Cooperation Initiative and Community under the Employ @ Young Emple programs @ 30+, which make it possible for as many almerienses municipalities to start and hire unemployed beneficiaries of the various projects approved. These resolutions are added to the 23 delivered last week, and in the near future will proceed to the notice of the rest, as it noted by the delegate of Government.

En total, They may be hired 2.653 people in the 103 municipalities in the province, contracts 6 months at least for young people and 3 months at least in the case of older unemployed 30 years old, and, in the words of Fernández Moya, "These important employment actions, that they have been launched in autumn, as the Andalusian had committed, represent an investment in Almeria 20,14 million ". Among the municipalities almerienses, based on its population and its number of unemployed, They will be distributed 12.139.425 euros for projects that work under 30 years and 8.030.332 euros for those of 30 older.

The 65 projects approved and delivered to municipalities and include more than 50 professional profiles, among them, by the number of jobs offered, construction laborers, gardeners, sweepers, horticultural and agricultural laborers, cleaners, bricklayers, painters and administrative. Among other occupations most in demand by municipalities in their projects are the socio-cultural monitors, home health aides, sports coaches, technical and guides, forestry laborers, sewer maintenance operators, plumbers, public works laborers and technical architects.

The municipalities that have today received the resolutions have been Abrucena, Alcóntar, Alhabia, Alicún, Almócita, Alsodux, Armuña of Almanzora, Balanegra, Bayárcal, Bayarque, Beires, Bentarique, Singing, Carboneras, Cuevas del Almanzora, Chirivel, Felix, Gérgal, Los Gallardos, Huécija, Laroya, Líjar, Macael, Mary, The Mojonera, Birth, Nijar, Ohanes, Partaloa, Rioja, Pannier, Somontín, Taverns, Taberno, He pulled, Terque, Turrillas, Velefique, Vélez-Blanco, Velez-Rubio, Vera Viator.

Social Cooperation Initiative and Community of Emple @ Young plans and Emple @ 30+ It aims to promote job creation in the territory, encouraging the employment of unemployed people by the Andalusian municipalities to carry out projects that enhance their employability by acquiring skills. Aid to implement projects, They carried out by the municipalities in collaboration with the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), They are paid from the next day to the consistory by advance payment of aid.

Programs include aid 1.300 a 1.700 monthly euros per contract to make municipalities. The duration of contracts shall be six months minimum for youth and three months minimum for older 30 years old. For Gracia Fernández, "These employment schemes promoted by the Junta de Andalucia come to alleviate the high unemployment in our municipalities and put up with the close collaboration of the closest government to citizens, municipalities, who know the needs of municipalities and their neighbors in employment ".

For his part, Miguel Angel Tortosa wanted to highlight "the effort that workers of the Provincial Directorate of the Andalusian Employment Service have been made to solve, I shortening the period of three months provided, the projects". Equally, He reiterated the gratitude of the Board "to all municipalities almerienses, that they have joined our efforts to offer our young people the opportunity to gain work experience, and unemployed people 30 years or more, of requalification and thus increase their chances of rejoining the labor market ".

The territorial delegate recalled that, once notified, municipalities have a maximum period of two months to start the project, which may last up 18 months. Job offers must be submitted to the offices of the Andalusian Employment Service with a minimum of 15 days of the planned date for completion of the contracts. Offices send them 3 candidates, and priority will be given in hiring those unemployed who reside in the municipality, and if there were no, municipalities the territorial area corresponding employment or province in which it will develop will expand the project.

For young people between 18 and 29 years is a prerequisite to be enrolled in the Youth Guarantee System, and in all cases be registered as job seekers not employed in the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE). In this sense, Tortosa Lopez has done "a call for municipalities is made from the effort to insist on this requirement for young people to not left out to participate in these projects".

Finally, the territorial delegate indicated mayors and councilors who attended the ceremony resolutions technicians SAE held previous briefings with all municipalities to explain in detail how to manage offers to streamline hiring and how to make the justification given into account the requirements under the European Union.