The Board delivers the communication Huercal-overa a 'Clean Point' for the selective collection of municipal waste.

The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, has given the mayor of Huercal-Overa, Domingo Fernández, The 'Clean Point’ separate collection of municipal waste, who executed the Andalusian and henceforth becomes municipally owned.

The 'Clean Point', built at the site Outcasts (plot 158), facilitate delivery to neighboring urban waste, so that such waste can be recycled, reused the valued.

In the 'Clean Point’ may be deposited wood and furniture, construction waste from minor works, oils, dead batteries, photographic waste, Used batteries, appliances, and other hazardous waste generated in households. For the collection of bulky waste were installed four containers with capacity for 30 cubic meters each, and a container for debris removal, of 12 cubic meters.

This infrastructure, with a total investment of 387.000 -cofinanciada euros by the European Development Fund Regional-, It was conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, under the Plan for Urban Waste Management of Andalusia

Free to use

A 'Clean Point’ is a municipal facility properly equipped for the reception and temporary storage of certain waste generated in the domestic sphere. Only to be admitted waste generated by individuals (the entry of industrial waste is prohibited) and is free for individual users to deposit eligible household waste at these facilities. These facilities are complementary to the home collection of bulky than some councils made available to the citizen. A 'Clean Point’ -and not generate odors is not a facility where material is deposited organically, or emissions or discharges of any kind.

Community law imposes an obligation to adequately treat the waste, so the implementation of facilities for treatment or recovery of reusable products is necessary; well as clean points, transfer plants and fitness centers.

For his part, autonomic Law on Integrated Environmental Quality's priority is reducing the production of waste at source, reuse and recycling. "The final destination of waste should strive for recovery, promoting the recovery of materials and depositing waste in landfills when no other viable alternatives ", as highlighted, José Manuel Ortiz.