The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Huercal-Overa has taught a course in this county Basic Business Management, Andalusia hosted by Embark, Andalusian Public Foundation attached to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, who have attended the seven young students from the House of Crafts "Seafood Typical Al-Andalus", who want to start their own company after their training.

The objective of this training course, held at the request of students own home offices, has been to equip these future entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to develop a business idea through a business plan and carry out an economic and financial analysis of the project through a feasibility plan, all focused on the development and marketing of sweets and typical Andalusian tradition of Spain and North Africa.

For this, attendees, besides knowing the structure and services of Andalusia Embark, have had the opportunity to learn the importance of presentation and profits of the business plan into several sections: product and market, the marketing plan and the production plan, and Tech Resources and Human Resources.

CADE huercalense technicians have helped them, also, to reflect on the peculiarities of a bakery business, to study the technical and financial feasibility and to develop strategies for the business project success. Each of the students attending has produced its own business project, all linked to the hospitality industry: traditionally prepared pastry, coffee-cake with sweet Prepared, bakeries, cake with home-delivery service or specialized in products for diabetics or celiac.

In addition to these courses on Basic Management, the Territorial Support Network Entrepreneurs Almería province also imparts, for free, others on administrative procedures for company incorporation, legal forms, taxation and e-administration, the e-government, marketing y redes sociales.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, He said that "to consolidate the slight recovery of the economy that we are living we have to continue investing in growth policies and economic stimulus in cuts" and in this sense has described as "key" support for entrepreneurs and business, "Because they are those who create wealth and what is more important today than ever, employment. We put at your disposal the Centers for Entrepreneurial Development of Andalusia Embark, those receiving such free advice and training of the hand of experts to help them launch their businesses, consolidate them and make them grow ".

Embark Andalucía

Embark Andalucía is a foundation attached to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, working to promote entrepreneurial culture and economic activity in the region through the development of specific programs and the provision of support services for entrepreneurs and business, to help drive the creation and development of enterprises and employment.

This has 214 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADES) that cover the entire Community, of which 26 are in the province of Almeria, where a team of specialists in the various business areas, offer, inter alia, information services, qualified technical advice, training, tutoring, support and monitoring to support the launch of new business ideas and to guide the development of existing businesses.