The Board teaches entrepreneurs Huércal-Overa techniques to design a business model

Students Course.

Students Course.
Students Course.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Huercal-Overa, belonging to Andalusia Emprende-entity attached to turn to Ministry of Economy and Knowledge- He has taught a course entitled Basic Management 'Definition of business models, Desing Thinking, Method Canvas', in which a group of businessmen and entrepreneurs of the municipality has known these two methodologies to develop a business project from an idea or strategic identity, well with a focus on innovation and design approach, well structured key actions needed to generate innovative value proposition and viable.

Students on the course have been several group dynamics from the Canvas or Canvas Technique Method, in which, based on a business idea, They have played to be their own customers, by establishing a map of empathy, based on a model that is divided into nine divisions: customer segments, Value Propositions, distribution channels, customer relations, key resources, key activities, partners, cost structures and revenue streams.

They have also known that the method Desing Thinking (or "design thinking"), meanwhile, It aims to generate innovative ideas focusing its effectiveness in understanding and solve the real needs of users. It comes from the way the work product designers, It is based on the generation of empathy and teamwork and is divided into five phases: user experience, creativity, selection, design and implementation.

Students have participated actively in the dynamics made, each contributing their business idea, developing their value propositions and giving their views on how to address each of the challenges of undertaking. Attendees very positively valued the experience feedback and creativity in the development of training, Different approaches to power of a business idea.

Embark Andalucía

Andalucía Emprende is an entity of the Andalusian attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge whose main mission is to promote entrepreneurial culture and business activity in the region by providing support services for entrepreneurs and businessmen to help them in implementation and development of their business ideas.

For this, has more than 200 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE), 26 of them in Almería, and a qualified team of specialists in the various business materials provided, inter alia, qualified technical advisory services, training, tutoring, Free corporate housing and support to entrepreneurs and businessmen for creating new businesses and strengthening existing.

In the first quarter of 2016, the 26 CADEs province contributed to the creation of 236 new companies with an initial investment of 2,3 million, and 8 development plans, which generated 292 new jobs, of which 282 come from the companies created and 10 of development plans. Companies that are under Andalusia Emprende reach a higher level of survival in a 6% to those that are created without this support in its first three years of activity.