The Board intended 24,7 million to ensure the continuity of Guadalinfo Network 2014.

Published Order subsidies aimed at the revitalization of such centers, PICs and points Andaluzas Communities Abroad.

The Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment this year will allocate a total of 24,7 million euros for the maintenance program Guadalinfo, which operates in Andalusian municipalities under 20.000 people, in areas in need of social transformation of Andalusia and the Andalusian Communities Abroad (CAE).

Of this budget, 15,9 million will go to the granting of subsidies aimed at energizing the network of public Internet access and maintenance of public access points to the Internet in CAE, through an Order published in BOJA.

As for the remaining amount, Board, provided unilaterally bear the cost of technological upgrading of equipment of the network of centers, invest for it 5,5 million, amount financed with FEDER. The 3,3 million euros to complete the entire budget will be used to support the dynamic activity of the Red Guadalinfo.

Far, investments to maintain the Red Guadalinfo from 2008 amounts to 99,2 million (The Andalusian, through the Ministry of Economy and Innovation Science Jobs, contributes 67%, while 33% I contribute the remaining eight Andalusian provincial). Equally, the Andalusian Government has also invested 8,7 million euros for the support of ICSC Red (Centers Public Access Internet) in areas at risk of social exclusion.

A single command

It is the first time in a single command energizing all centers referred Guadalinfo, including centers in areas of need in social transformation (CAPI) and public access points located in Internet Andalusian Communities Abroad. With the idea of ​​expediting the processing of future calls, the regulatory basis for this Order are intended to be permanent, significantly reducing the time for publication.

The Order, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund, is divided into four types of subsidies. The first, endowed with 12,8 million, It is aimed at maintaining or opening centers for Guadalinfo 698 Andalusian municipalities under 20.000 people. The second line, with a budget of 2,9 million, is directed to the Andalusian associations to boost up 65 centers of public Internet access in areas in need of social transformation in the province capital cities the medium (CAPI). The third line, endowed with 88.000 euro budget, It is intended for the maintenance of public access points to Internet 20 Andaluzas Communities Abroad (CAE) ENTITIES within the Spanish territory; and the fourth line go 44.000 euro maintenance of public access points to Internet 10 You falls outside the Spanish territory.

With the publication of this Order, the Andalusian reaffirms its support for a project that makes it possible for anyone in Andalucia, regardless of their place of residence, age, cultural or economic level can access the Internet in equal opportunities. This gives continuity to the program in policy areas such as computer literacy and full and responsible use of ICT, and momentum over 1.500 social innovation projects in sectors such as tourism, accessibility, culture and commerce.

About Guadalinfo

The network currently has Guadalinfo 690 Guadalinfo centers, 637 in towns of less than 10.000 inhabitants and 53 in municipalities between 10.000 and 20.000. To join this Network 50 CAPI (Centers Public Access Internet) in areas at risk of social exclusion in population centers of over 20.000 people. Also part of the network 25 access points in Andalusian communities abroad (CAE). These, for, network of public Internet access telecenters largest in Spain and which has the greatest future, sustainably, supported by the Andalusian government and county councils.

In total there are more than 780 dynamization persons responsible for promoting the Information Society in Andalusia. In the ten years of network operation have been recorded over 900.000 Users who have participated in more than 353.000 promotion and training activities. Also, have been launched over 1.500 social innovation projects, they are promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in rural areas where it operates Guadalinfo.

Guadalinfo is an example of collaboration between entities at the service of citizens. Although it was driven by the Board, currently is managed by the Ministry of Economy and 8 Councils, collaboration with the councils of the municipalities.

This is a project recognized in Europe as one of the most advanced in universalization of new technologies (recognized 2011 as an example of good practice for Social Innovation in Europe).