The Board intended 236.000 Interpretation Center euros Mining and Natural History Filabres

the delegate, Antonio Martinez and Mayor of Serón, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.
the delegate, Antonio Martinez and Mayor of Serón, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.

The Junta de Andalucía has allocated 236.000 euros for the restoration and equipping of the old 'house manager' of the mining town of Las Menas, Seron, to become the Interpretation Center of Mining and Natural History of Filabres. The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, and the mayor of the municipality, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, They have visited these facilities showing the environmental uniqueness of the Sierra de los Filabres, the exploitation of their natural resources until mid-twentieth century and the history of mining in the area.

Both have highlighted the work performed in the documentation and preparation of the exhibition content center, historian Juan Torreblanca, recently deceased, and awarded posthumously with a logo Andalusia last 28-F. The opening hours of the center is 10.00 a 14.00 hours, on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and 10.00 a 17.00 hours, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

'Calares Sierra Filabres

During the visit to Forest Park Las Menas, the delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning presented the broad outlines of the Management Plan Special Area of ​​Conservation (ZEC) 'Calares of the Sierra de los Filabres'. The adoption of this document has led to the definitive inclusion of this area in the network of protected natural areas of greatest ecological value of the European Union, Red Nature 2000.

ZEC 'Calares Sierra Filabres' includes 6.616 hectares of high environmental uniqueness of upland limestone Sierra, mostly publicly owned, of the municipalities of Bacares, Bayarque, Pannier, Sierro y Velefique.

Antonio Martinez has referred to the inclusion of this area in the European Natura 2000 as' a guarantee of conservation of habitats and species of Community interest that exist in the Sierra de Filabres, the largest of the province 'and' as an opportunity to add value to this area and to promote public-private initiatives, generating jobs and wealth in their area of ​​socioeconomic influence through European funds'.