The Board highlights the work of workers Infoco in a year with particularly adverse conditions.



The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez Rodriguez, today visited the Center for Forest Protection (CEDEFO) located in Seron, Infoco basis Plan for the northern area of ​​the province where the mountains of Filabres, Residences and Cabrera. Martinez stressed 'the functioning and effectiveness of the device against forest fires in Andalusia and the work of its troops in a year with particularly harsh conditions, marked by low rainfall and extreme temperatures'.

In CEDEFO facilities of different professionals working Seron Operational Service Wildland Fire Fighting built into the Infoca Plan. Among them, Environmental agents, responsible for leading the fighting in the early stages of the fire; Technical Investigation Brigade Forest Fire (BIFF), a group of environmental agents specialized in identifying the causes of fires; Technical Operations Wildfire dealing direct the actions of intervention units and fire prevention work during the time of low risk; and three groups of specialists, basic intervention units Infoco Plan, along with an endowment of operators pumper vehicles and other terrestrial operators in the fire fighting.

As for the material means, the CEDEFO Seron and located in Velez Blanco are the bases of two transport helicopters and fire to move troops and support their work by water discharges.

The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning stressed 'the continuous training of workers Infoco Plan and professionalization of the device as two of the keys to its effectiveness'. Antonio Martinez has insisted on the cooperation of citizens in the fight against fire and has appealed to the commitment and support of the people to avoid risky practices in forest areas and in farming and to alert the emergency services 112 in case of indications of the existence of fire.

Infoca plan in Almería

Martinez has referred to the regional government effort in maintaining human and material resources and the budget for the plan against forest fires in the province of Almeria totals 17,8 million, of which 9,2 They are aimed at prevention efforts and 8,6 for firefighting.

In the work of extinction, INFOCA device in Almería account for the current campaign with the participation of 509 effective to those who join the technical means and materials, among them, 15 heavy vehicles (13 pumpers and 2 nurses) and a Mobile Meteorology and Transmission (UMMT).

With regard to the fleet the device features 4 air assets, key elements for fighting forest fires, transport for both technicians and specialists to the work of water discharge. In the province, the Infoca available 3 positioned in each of Forest Protection Centers helicopters and a cargo plane land, positioned on the track of Gérgal. This device is supplemented by 3 Forest Protection Centers (CEDEFO), A Provincial Operations Centre (COP), a runway for cargo planes and a ground network 15 fixed monitoring points, I distributed-two highest risk areas of the province.

Manuals preventive work done during the months of low fire danger and a half have allowed the adequacy of 3.147 kilometers firewall. On the other hand, Treatments have included mechanized 1.573 firewall kilometers of areas and lines, auxiliary belts and roads. Along with these actions, The Board has also implemented maintenance tasks 104 kilometers of forest roads. To all this we join the work of the Network Firewall Andalusia Pasto Areas (Rapca), grazing project that enables their maintenance of fuel-getal seen through a traditional activity at Mt.. This year has acted in 385 linear kilometers firewall, with 16.300 heads of cattle.

Meeting with agents Environment

After visiting the Forest Protection Center of Seron, the delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning held a meeting in the forest house of Tíjola with agen-tes Environment working in the mountains of Filabres, Residences and Los Vélez with the aim of knowing the proposals and contributions of these professionals' played a great job in their mission to custody, protection and monitoring of nature and perform their work in direct contact with the citizens'.