The Andalusian rehabilitates the fold 'Cortijo El Conde', with Plan for Employment.

Bacares General

The Ministry of Environment has improved the yard to meet the needs of grazing saw Filabres.

The Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning has completed the rehabilitation of the corral 'Cortijo El Conde', en Bacares, one fold and fold it in operation for cattle work that was in poor condition. The works referred to in the Plan for Employment in Andalusia, are part of a larger restoration project, improvement and enhancement of the rural heritage in public forests of Almería in over twenty municipalities in the province. This project, with a planned investment of more than 600.000 euros, provides for the creation of almost 5.200 jobs.

The territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment has stressed the importance of this work, "Since from the Andalusian grazing is understood as a fundamental element of the rural heritage of these areas, and for this reason it highlights the importance of maintaining and improving the infrastructure required to support this activity ".

The measures to improve the fold have included the repair and waterproofing of the slate roof. Also, two sheet metal gutters are installed. On the outside of the fold have recovered four windows of the pastor's house and four of the ship and several doors. Last, has painted the facade and interior of the facility, and has placed a sign of heritage interpretation of public use.

32.000 wages until September

Since it was launched the Plan for Employment, the Andalusian has launched in public forests in the province 24 works, which has now ended 17, actions with which it has generated almost to late September 32.000 wages in the province.

The program of forest regeneration and environmental improvement and rural-one of the three sectoral programs Plan for Employment-, provides for a total investment of Almería 5,8 million and generating a 56.000 wages, over 80 municipalities in the province.

This initiative, recalls José Manuel Ortiz, tiene como objetivo impulsar el ’empleo verde’ in rural areas by taking action, mainly, projects fire prevention and improvement of forest infrastructure; regeneration work; revaluation of public forests; work of conservation of flora, wildlife and their habitats, combat erosion and desertification, and the maintenance and restoration of the rural heritage. These work related to indirect employment linked to the use and enjoyment of resources and services offered bind the wild (forest biomass, pasture for cattle or tourism). in 82 municipalities in the province.

For the selection of the areas of operation of the Emergency Plan, have been prioritized factors as the level of registered unemployment agricultural, Mount surface property of the Board, as well as those listed in the Catalogue of Public Utility; the mountains included in the Network of Protected Natural Areas and rurality index Township.