The Andalusian start a new runway cleaning Antas river, passing through Vera.

The Ministry of Environment deleted vegetation along 1.700 meters, from the bridge to the lake Coloraos.

The Andalusian morning start the cleanup of the river bed of the River Antas, passing through the town of Vera. This action, specified in the restoration plan, correction and repair of runways District Mediterranean Hydrological, was announced by the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, during its meeting last week with Mayor Vera and neighbors of the municipality.

The work will be carried out along 1.700 linear feet of the channel, in the section from the bridge Coloraos, to the lagoon, over an area of ​​approximately 14 hectares.

A crew of workers of the Agency for the Environment and Water initiated a selective morning cleaning jobs on both sides of the river, tasks performed manually, with a brush cutter, to remove existing vegetation that does not have significant environmental value (reeds and sedges).

For the clearing of vegetation in areas near the margins, pools, Lagoon and other areas of high environmental value, manual means are used, in order to reduce effects on any species protected, and following the indications of Environmental Agents and technicians of the Ministry.

In October 2012, occasion of the emergency works undertaken after September flooding 2012, the Ministry of Environment allocated a game of 200.000 euros to clean the bed of Antas river passing through the town of Vera.

Both these interventions like that start tomorrow aim to mitigate potential incidents by flood water, territorial delegate but remember not solve the risk of flooding in this area of ​​Vera, if flood water as registered two years ago in Almeria Levante.

The ultimate solution to prevent flooding of this area of ​​Vera, according to José Manuel Ortiz, is the channeling of the river, "Ie, Rolling the draft Flood and Regulation Antas River ', approved by the National Hydrological Plan 2001, and must be carried by the central government, since it is a general waterworks state interest ".

In this sense, and after the meeting a few weeks ago between the City of Vera, neighbors and the Department of the Environment, the delegate of the Board is convinced that "if we work together, the Government of Spain will undertake this project as soon as possible ".