The Andalusian supports 832.000 euros improving irrigation in 150 hectares of Purchena.

Irrigation Community Ditch and Padules, Purchena, will carry out a project to improve irrigation network with a public assistance 832.000 euros, support provided by the 53% the total eligible investment to be undertaken by the irrigators, that is 1.562.933 euros. José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, has delivered to the vice president of the Community of Irrigators, Antonio Fernández, grant resolution adopted by the General Directorate of Agricultural Structures. In the act of delivering aid, the representative of irrigators has been accompanied by the Mayor of Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa.

With this grant, Irrigation Community will undertake a project to improve irrigation network that will benefit 312 farmers, own about 150 hectares of crops (olive and fruit, mainly). The investment project, that there will be an increase in irrigated area or existing water allocations so far, includes several actions designed to convert the existing water distribution system using batch and ditches, for pressure irrigation system demand. The project includes the following activities:

-Improved water harvesting, with the construction of a pit as a small reinforced concrete tank, that lets you install the pump suction.

-Tubing 25 miles of ditches, along its original path.

-Install hydrants and groups, construction with 76 manholes, with which they can connect with counters and seven plots stopcock individualized (total project 399 individual meters).

-Installation of a pump unit demand, so that the next to the capture zones have sufficient pressure.

-Installing filtering two stations, one for the area irrigated with pumped water and one for the lower zone or irrigated with potential energy. Also, Self-cleaning filter installation of bypass pipes and filtering is expected, in the event that water with or unfiltered water to continue watering during maintenance of the filters.

-Installing 76 remote terminals with different number of inputs (between 4 and 10 Tickets), depending on the counters to be installed in each group. A concentrator field station and one in the control center. The control center will be equipped with specific hardware and software.

In a second phase of works, Irrigation Community includes the construction of a regulating reservoir

Saving water

José Manuel Ortiz praised the decision Purchena irrigators to carry out the improvement and modernization of irrigation systems, "A project that will allow farmers to save water, with a consequent reduction in cats and increased profitability of their farms ". For this reason, as the delegate of Agriculture, the Andalusian, Despite budgetary constraints, makes an effort to accompany the agricultural sector when undertaking these improvements in irrigation systems.

Last 30 June ended the period of grant applications for improving irrigation, with an initial budget of 7,6 million, an amount which will be extended in accordance with requests of aid having irrigation communities of Andalusia and of the available budget of the Ministry. Support provided are intended to support the irrigation communities in implementing measures to improve or consolidation of irrigation and wastewater reuse are refined, desalinated water or any other source, provided it is intended to improve or consolidation of irrigation. These grants are part of the incentives package eleven, with an initial budget of almost 40 million.

Other grants to irrigators in the province

José Manuel Ortiz recalled that, This project also Purchena, Irrigation Community General Villa Gergal Payments received a few weeks ago a grant from 1,2 million euros for a project to improve its network of irrigation, and a few days ago, the Council adopted another resolution grant 54.000 Dollars for Irrigation Community Fuentel the Great and His Schedules, of Lucar. Also, are running two other publicly supported actions: one in the west of Almeria and one in Cuevas del Almanzora. The Poniente is a project of the Regional Community Irrigation Sun and Sand for improvement in controlling the distribution and consumption of irrigation water in Sector V Field Dalías, over 1.780 hectares of horticultural crops in the municipalities of El Ejido, The Mojonera, Vicar and Roquetas de Mar. This project, with eligible budget 3,1 million, was obtained 2,8 million grant from the Junta de Andalucía.

For his part, Community Irrigation Cuevas del Almanzora is improving the efficiency of water use in a project to improve irrigation and consolidation of 1.241 hectares of crops north of the river Almanzora, a work for which the Community has received a grant of more than 2,6 million, for an eligible investment of more than 2,9 million, will benefit 1.249 irrigators, and with a saving is expected 5% water.