The Board convenes the III Andalusian Enterprise Awards for the most innovative companies with greater growth potential


The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, today reported on the convening of the third edition of the 'Andalusian Enterprise Awards', an initiative which aims to recognize the most innovative Andalusian companies with the greatest potential for growth and development, in addition to strengthening its internationalization. The Ministry of Economy and Knowledge convenes these awards through Andalucía Emprende Foundation, departmental enterprises that target your network of Centres of Entrepreneurial Development (CADE), in the province of Almeria has 26 centers in the first six months of the year have contributed to the creation of 791 companies 1.013 jobs.

As detailed territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, these awards "identified, They recognize and support innovative companies with greater growth potential and promote their internationalization Andalusia and the relationships between projects, institutions and organizations linked to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation ", in valuing participants' leadership capacity and entrepreneurial teams, the business model in its production environment, growth forecasts and creativity and innovation on products or processes ".

The Andalusian Enterprise Awards are intended for companies of any legal form, including self, Embark assigned to Andalusia through one of its Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADES). They consist of two categories: 'Creation', for projects that have already been established as companies, with a maximum three-year business career; and 'Consolidation', for those whose career is more than three years. The deadline for registration ends 8 October and application forms are available on
The call has a provincial stage and other regional. In the first, A selection committee will choose the most innovative companies in both categories Almeria, that, besides this recognition, They get a booth at the Vision Entrepreneur Day of the Entrepreneur Area 2016 organized by the Andalusian, will be finalists in the regional phase and they will be given a tablet sponsored by Vodafone through the Minerva program.

The award in the regional phase, whose winners will be announced during the Day of the Entrepreneur, is a international business agenda set at any destination involving potential target market for your business or where leading companies in its sector, and where Andalusian Extenda-Trade Promotion Agency, coordinating the agenda, including accommodation, has an office or "antennas". This prize includes travel expenses of the hometown of the entrepreneur to the destination, Sponsored by Vodafone through the Minerva program, not commuting partners (intra or inter), nor handling. For more detail, bases consult the program website.

In the last edition of these awards, held in 2014, They were winners in the province of Almeria Neurodigital Technologies S. L., technology-based company specializing in virtual reality products for medical use and rehabilitation physically -neurorehabilitación, awarded in the category 'Create', GCG and Consultants, a consultancy that has based its working methods in business cooperation, which won the award in the category 'consolidates'.

Embark Andalucía

Andalucía Emprende is a public foundation attached to the Conse-Jeriah of Economy and Knowledge. Its purpose is to promote entrepreneurship and business activity in the region through 215 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE), 26 of them in Almería, which offer free counseling services, training and technical support to entrepreneurs and businessmen and perform actions to promote entrepreneurial culture, el desarrollo empresarial y la cooperación, además de favorecer el desarrollo local y ofrecer alojamientos empresariales gratuitos, tanto en naves como en oficinas, para facilitar la puesta en marcha de las nuevas empresas en sus momentos iniciales.

In the first half of 2015, the 26 CADEs of the Almeria province have contributed to the creation of 791 new companies with an initial investment of 7,25 million, and 43 development plans, which generated 1.013 new jobs, of which 928 come from the companies created and 89 of development plans. The 72% of incubated companies in these centers are still active after two years of activity, one percentage 14% higher than companies that are not on the network.