The Board hires energy rehabilitation works 163 homes in six municipalities in Almería.

Singing General Huercal Overa Purchena

They will benefit Huercal Overa, Cantoria y Purchena.

A total de163 families residing in public housing developments owned by the Government of Andalusia in six municipalities of the province of Almería be soon improved their buildings, following contracts for the implementation of copyright works to the Sustainable Construction Decree signed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, through the Housing and Rehabilitation Agency of Andalucía (YOUR).

The territorial delegate of Works and Housing in Almería, Embodies Caparros, stressed that this work "will involve the generation of 1.408 wages, addition to increasing the quality of life of families living in homes that are to execute these works, which have limited financial resources ".

Two construction companies made the seven works, two of which will be undertaken in Huercal de Almeria, and the remainder in the capital, Singing, Pechina, Huércal Overa y Purchena.

Tecno-Urbs will be responsible for executing the works in 12 homes of the Avenue del Mar 74 and 76, Almeria, where they are to improve systems for facade insulation and windows; also, will perform the renovation of roofing insulation in 29 homes of the East Avenue 42, that affect blocks A, B y C. Finally, the same construction company has signed a contract to execute the work of replacing windows in 36 homes in the neighborhood San Francisco, Huercal de Almeria, corresponding to the number 8 Calle Ramon y Cajal, and blocks 2, 3 and 4 Jacinto Benavente Street. Investment Development and Housing in these proceedings will 309.000 euros. The works must be completed within a maximum period of three months.

The other four contracts whose performance has already signed AVRA, in this case with the construction Torresa Projects and Engineering, act will allow the group of 25 housing Pintor Goya No. 1 (A, B, C y D), Pekinese; eleven houses in the neighborhood El Castillo (Castillo Alto streets 34 and Chapel 7), en Purchena; the 18 homes in the neighborhood El Calvario (Almanzora 6, Wide 2 y Miño 3), Huercal-Overa, and finally, in the 32 homes in the neighborhood San Francisco, Huercal de Almeria, located in the streets Ramón y Cajal 11 and 13, and in 28 February 12 and 14. In these promotions intervene in facade insulation systems, in some cases, and covers other, all with an investment sum 232.000 euros.

These works are the first to be initiated in the province of Almería under decree Sustainable Construction, in order to improve living conditions and energy efficiency in residential buildings. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing act, under the decree, in total 6.630 property belonging to its housing, in which they reside more than 26.500 people. These actions generate a total investment of around 40 million. Of this amount, Almeria eight municipalities, besides those mentioned Senés and Cuevas de Almanzora, have 1,77 million for the rehabilitation of its public park, that bind to more than 400.000 desatinarán euros that the development of a pilot project for energy refurbishment in housing Santiago Street, in the capital.