The Board trusts that the works of the Almanzora motorway can be reactivated “before Easter”.


The Development Associate, Dwelling, Tourism and Trade Board in Almería, Caparros Incarnation, He said Tuesday that the construction works of the Almanzora motorway might be resumed “before Easter”, although it has declined “specify a particular day when the machines will be” area, although the regional government takes “since early this year with the administrative procedures”.

Speaking to journalists, Caparros has insisted that the process to reactivate the execution of work “They are made from the Department of Development”, while “tuning” of agreements with companies involved in the construction of this infrastructure “is taking more days than we thought”.

However, has ensured that the construction of this road is a “priority” to the Board, that has budgets to run the action. Also, negotiations with the companies involved in the work through UTE “are underway” a fin de “shorten commissioning”.

In this sense, delegate pointed out that the agreements that were signed with construction “have spent time” while some of the companies involved “are not as they were”, so that members of the joint venture must “agree” for “optimize” the “staging of machinery”.

Caparros has relied so within one month to resume work. “I'm almost convinced”, she added the delegate, who has said that the Board has “great desire” to reactivate the work to finish this infrastructure.