The Board will offset the cuts in funding for rural development with a game of 47 million.

Susana Díaz, President of the Junta de Andalucía.

Andalusian farmers receive assistance from the Board to make the cut that has suffered this year our community in the allocation of funds from the Common Agricultural Policy, CAP.

The Chair of the Board, Susana Díaz, has now assured the agricultural organizations that maintain its contribution to the financing of rural development funds in the new framework of the CAP, while the central government will reduce his in 47 million.

Diaz bought this commitment during a meeting held today the Bureau of Agricultural Interlocution, in which are represented the professional industry organizations and the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Companies (Faeca), to analyze the national implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC).

The Chair of the Board is also committed to strengthening the social dialogue with agricultural organizations to hold regular meetings with industry, with which it will be next February.

The representatives of agricultural organizations have disagreed on the financial distribution of the new CAP and, while Faeca Asaja and think that the result-together- It has not been bad for Andalucía, UPA and COAG agreed that there has been a “political division” funds and have announced demonstrations in the Andalusian countryside.