The Board assigns to the A-1101R Zurgena, urban road and crossing Alfoquía


The territorial delegate of Public Works and Housing Board in Almería, Joaquín Jiménez, and the mayor of Zurgena, Luis Diaz, They have signed the deed of assignment of the autonomic highway A-1101R, consisting of 1,3 kilometers in length and, its traffic and its location within the municipality, It has become a channel with an urban use which serves cruise Alfoquía.

The record includes the transfer of the entire road, which begins at an intersection with the autonomic highway A-1101, at kilometer point 37,4, on the journey itself that is regulated by islets; link and ends at different levels with the A-334, Also belonging to the network of roads in the regional government, which is located in the northwestern town of connection The Alfoquía, in the municipality of Zurgena.

The whole layout has a firm in good condition, It is in optimal conditions of use and conservation, as well as adequate signage.

Jimenez explained that the Board often give such roads were originally regional ownership but, due to the progressive growth experienced by urban areas, They end entirely in some sections “absorbed by adopting a strong urban character”.