The Board will help the City Council to replace Fines 525 LED light points technology.

The Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, through the Andalusian Energy Agency, will encourage six million total 20 saving projects, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

These actions, that mobilized nearly 20 million in investments in the region, are mainly related to energy efficiency in exterior and interior lighting, sustainable transport and biomass and are part of the Grant Program for Energy Development of Andalusia 'Andalucía A '.

Thanks to them a saving and diversification of energy will be promoted 16.449 tonnes of oil equivalent (tep/año), similar to the power consumption of a number 20.675 housing, and its implementation will prevent the emission into the atmosphere 44.322 annual tons of greenhouse gases, as if withdrawn from circulation 18.072 vehicles.

Of the 20 projects supported, 4 relate to energy improvements in street lighting. Among them is the City of Fines, Almeria, which will replace 525 light spots municipal street lighting by LED technology.

This will allow you to reduce energy consumption by 59%, which will mean a cost savings of approximately 14.699 annual euros. The municipality will invest 426.327 euros and the Andalusian Energy Agency has granted an incentive 323.626 euros.

Another City Council reduced by 77% consumption thanks to efficient lighting will be to Pedro Martínez, in Granada, which will be renovated 357 points of light that would add an economic saving 23.179 annual euros. The incentive has been granted 335.808 Dollars for investment 419.761 euros.

For evaluation of both projects have already applied the amendment in the Legislative Decree 1/2014, of 18 March, by the Boost Program is regulated Sustainable Construction, allowing projects undertaken by local entities to receive contributions 80%, no minimum threshold for investment.

The City of Aljaraque, in Huelva, also renewed 4.531 street lighting luminaires and will do so through a company's energy services, Global Services and Works Sitelec S.L.. This action is expected savings 1.850.130 kWh.

The Port of Algeciras (Cádiz), meanwhile, plans to replace 500 Metal halide lamps and sodium vapor by LED technology 25 cranes container terminal, that receive aid 65.883 euros. In this performance will be invested 329.417 euros.

As for the energy improvement of indoor lighting, have supported two projects in commercial surfaces Sanchez Giner I, Home Sánchez, located in Armilla, Albolote, Motril and Antequera; and three projects presented by El Corte Inglés for 17 their commercial establishments in the provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Cordova, Granada, Jaén, Malaga and Sevilla.

En total, will invest 5,15 million and receive an incentive 1,1 million euros.

Energy saving and efficiency

Other projects supported savings and energy efficiency have been the City Council Maracena (Granada), for energy improvements in the House of Culture and Sports City.

In Sevilla, the mining company Cobre Las Cruces, Gerena, perform a comprehensive project for the implementation of a number of technical solutions for improving energy efficiency in their facilities and reduce energy consumption, with an investment of 461.450 euro savings 3.488 MWh/año y 621 toe / year of natural gas.

Ybarra Food Group, Dos Hermanas, has requested incentive to replace plants making sauces with low energy efficiency with which a new plant has high energy performance. This will invest 750.883 euros.

The company will allocate Persan 3,1 million euros in optimizing the use and distribution of energy through the energetic use of residual heat in the factory. Cepsa San Roque, Cadiz, also will use residual heat to achieve significant savings of natural gas by investing 522.097 euros.

These five projects will receive an incentive of the Andalusian Energy Agency 1,5 million.

In regard to actions of sustainable transport, in the province of Málaga have presented two projects for the purchase of hybrid vehicles in the municipal fleet and the introduction of telematics systems management on public buses, with a total investment of 1,3 million. The Agency has granted an incentive 284.342 euros.

As for renewable energy installations, Recycled Lucena, in the Cordoba town of Lucena, has invested 372.600 euros in the acquisition of machinery to increase production of wood pellets for use as fuel for thermal power generation systems for domestic or industrial. With this facility will prevent the emission of 12.894 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Moltuandújar, in Jaen town of Andújar, invest 984.431 euros for two shellers that produce the biomass needed (10.440.000 kg) to fully meet the consumption needs of a new biomass boiler is installed.

In a prominent Campillos, Agroenergia Campillos, meanwhile, will allocate 3,4 million in a project for the generation of biogas from manure and other agro-industrial wastes and livestock, to be used to supply local farms, generation and sale of heat and electricity consumers agribusiness mains. This project will generate energy from renewable sources that exceed 1.000.000 kWh / year and avoid 3.588 tons per year of CO2 emissions. The overall incentive for this type of renewable energy projects amounted to 1,1 million.

Programme 'Andalusia A ’

The Grants Program for Energy Development of Andalusia, 'Andalucía A ', managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency, provides financial support to energy improvement actions undertaken by citizens, companies and administrations. Since the program began in February 2009 until 30 June 2014, has supported 86.813 projects in the region have mobilized a superior investment to 1.200 million. Of these, 80.077 have been requested by citizens, 6.019 by companies and 717 by administrations and institutions.

Applications Grant Program may be submitted to the 30 December 2014 through the website of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.