The Board authorizes almost 70 filming in natural areas of Almería.

A total of 69 shooting, including feature films, short films and commercials, They have been recorded in the last year and a half in protected natural areas of the province, as it recorded in the register of authorizations of the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Junta de Andalucía.

The Natural Park Cabo de Gata is the preferred scenario province and one of the most attractive of Spain for the filming and recording of movies and commercials.

In 2014, Almeria natural spaces welcomed 40 filming and in the first six months of 2015 others have been authorized 29. The nijareño protected area which the largest number of recordings, 41 in the last year and a half; followed by the Tabernas Desert Natural Beauty Spot, with 25 shooting; the Natural Park Sierra Alhamilla, two, and the Natural Place Gypsum Karst, with one.

Due to the nature of the shooting, They have been granted permits for feature films, shorts, documentaries, music videos, video games and advertisements to promote tourism, vehicular, fashion, telephony, Banks and insurance, among other products and services.

Among the films that have been shot, are 'Stomach', with a stage in the Tabernas Desert and directed by Javier Kühn, which it premiered in the official selection of last Spanish Film Festival of Malaga and 'Victor XX', which it has locations in Aguamarga and participated in one of the official sections of the Cannes Festival. As for the films include the Danish 'At war', Finnish film 'Rölli', production 'Clavius’ and the tapes 'Away from the sea', Imanol Uribe, and 'Toro', Kike Maíllo.


The delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, He stressed the importance of filming for two reasons passing, on the one hand, the direct economic impact and job creation involved the shooting of films or advertisements, from which economic sectors such as hotels and restaurants benefit, as well as local companies that are contracted for activities such as the location of scenarios and other actions.

For another, affects the spread of protected natural areas that contribute to promoting tourism in Almeria and the incorporation of film tourism segment of the supply of the province '.

Ortiz Bono alluded to the cinematic tradition of Almeria and its comparative advantages over other territories when planning a shoot. Among others, He stressed that “in much of the province, and especially in Cabo de Gata, there are very few rainy days per year so the crews lose few days by bad weather, and producing in a few provinces have at their disposal the landscape diversity offered Almería”.

For the delegate of the Environment is also an advantage of existence in the province of specialized companies locating in scenery and logistics for filming, “which facilitates the work of producers and film crews”.

In choosing natural areas protected as shooting scene, It has been considered “determinant” the fact that the relevant public administrations, when granting authorizations, “we have improved our coordination, allowing expedite the granting of permits for filming”.