Board bet by combining technical fire and grazing for conservation of open space mountain

Pastor with his flock.

Pastor with his flock.

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning beneficiary participates as a partner in the project Open2preserve transnational cooperation program Interreg Sudoe, approved last 7 February for environmental protection and promotion of the effectiveness of natural resources.

The project aims to develop a sustainable management model that allows reduce the risk of fire and ensure the preservation of ecosystems and the ecological quality of open mountain areas of high environmental value through the optimal combination of technical fire and grazing directed. This technique, known as pírico herbivorism, It shall apply in the Area of ​​Special Conservation Calares Sierra de Los Filabres

Herbivorismo pírico

This technique uses cattle at pasture controlled to eliminate fuel plant areas firewall and maintain infrastructures face to prevent forest fires. The action won orderly and controlled by the pastor maintains firebreaks, thus causing discontinuities in the forests that prevent the spread of fire. Has as one of its priorities the promotion of prescribed burns at regional level, in order to incorporate the use of technical fire as a tool for fire prevention and management of natural areas and ecosystems.

For this, the Operational Service Wildland Fire Extinguishing (SEIF) Infoca integrated into the Plan and under the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has the ERQUA (Regional Team Andalucía burnings), responsible for standardization of procedures and studies on the implementation of technical fire in Andalusia, plan regional training and coordination of international projects related to the subject as in the case of OPEN2PRESEVE.

Sudoe program

SUDOE program supports regional development in southwestern Europe by financing transnational projects through the ERDF. Thus, tries to solve common problems in the regions Southwest Europe, such as low investment in research and development, the low competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and exposure to climate change and environmental risks.

The project OPEN2PRESERVE, It has funding of 2.302.000,00 euros from funds of the European Union Program INERREG - SUDOE.
Sudoe the Interreg Program is part of the European territorial cooperation objective known as 'Interreg', funded through one of the funds of European regional policy: the European Regional Development Fund (FEATHER).

The project will be developed OPEN2PRESERVE totaling 13 main beneficiary entities, led by Public University of Navarra, and with the participation of entities, government agencies and universities in France, Spain and Portugal, almost all in the area of ​​the high Pyrenees and moist peninsular northwest. Andalusia, participates in the project as beneficiary partner the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Experimental Station Zaidin of Granada, under the Higher Council for Scientific Research and the Pastors Association for Monte Mediterranean, associated payee.

The territorial delegate of the Environment, Raúl Enríquez, He wanted to emphasize "the interest of this program to merge traditional practices, such as livestock and burning vegetation for regeneration of pastures, with a more integrated view, scientific, and consistent with the conservation of ecosystems ". And he stressed the importance of education and training device in the use of technical fire for fire fighting operations.

ZEC Calares Sierra de Los Fialbres

The ZEC Calares, with an extension of a 6.616 hectares, It is located in the center of the province of Almería, near the western boundary of the same, in the central area of ​​the Sierra Filabres, natural extension of the Sierra Baza (Granada). It is covering the municipalities of Bacares, Bayarque, Pannier, Sierro y Velefique, It is the city of Bacares which provides more surface space. It is situated in the natural extension of the Sierra Baza (Granada), occupying part of the central area of ​​the whole Sierra Filabres, from which it receives the name and is the main forest management unit in Almería.

In this context, "The inclusion of the ZEC of Calares the program will provide the vision and experience of high mountain pastures semiarid peninsula with this aspect peculiar characteristics that give both vegetation, as the livestock use, as well as risk and vulnerability to forest fires ", Enriquez stressed..