The Board encourages women to enroll in the Shared Ownership Registration for recognition of their rights

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sanchez Haro, It has encouraged farmers and livestock to register with the Registrar of Shared Ownership, recently launched by the Board, for “highlight and recognize the rights of women sharing work tasks with their partners in agriculture and livestock”. The representative of the regional government has participated in the celebration of 35 anniversary of the College of Social Graduates, where he stressed that one of the priorities of the Ministry is to work for “equality, to reduce masculinization and aging in agriculture and fisheries”.

As he explained by the Minister, the farm with shared ownership holders required for both fiscal and social requirements of any company. The complexity that involves adapting this new figure to the legal reality and today's job requires good expert advice on this matter as part of social graduates. Thus, He invited the College of Almeria and the Andalusian Council of Social Graduates to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of shared ownership and benefits on equal rights and labor involved, from the knowledge and experience of its professionals.

To facilitate the generation of quality employment among women in the sector also recalled that since the Board “We have launched the I Plan for Equal Opportunities between women and men in the agri-food and fisheries of Andalucía, a pioneering initiative for the promotion of equality in these sectors”.

Besides the commitment to work for real equality, the holder of Andalusian Agriculture stressed that “promote youth entrepreneurship in agriculture is another of our commitments”. In this sense, Counseling, In addition to the open lines to encourage new additions to farming, Agri-Hebe drives the project 2020 to promote the arrival of young people to the field, with greater assurance of success.

“The incorporation of women and young people into farming is a priority for us, and ensure quality job creation in our land. All our actions focus on people”.

In this sense, he recalled some of the measures to support the modernization of agriculture and fisheries implemented by the Board and have a direct impact on job creation. Proof of this are the projects approved in the measure of support for the modernization of agribusiness, “which provide create more than 3.300 jobs, of which around 1.900 female”.