The Board analyzes the impact of the Moriscos Games Purchena in the local economy.

The Aben Humeya Moorish Games as a model for local development: It is the title of the conference organized by Andalucía Emprende, foundation attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, that between day 15 and this afternoon, 17 July, They will add value to the historical heritage, cultural, ethnographic and gastronomic Purchena, analyze the economic impact of the above games in the area and promote this event as a tourist attraction and source of employment and wealth creation.

The conference, organized by the Center for Entrepreneurial Development of Purchena in collaboration with the City Council purchenero, They ripped in the afternoon 15 July with the opening of a photographic exhibition travels 30 year celebration of the Moriscos Games, with focus placed on local development. He also gave a lecture Andres Sanchez Picon, Professor of History and Economic Institutions at the University of Almería, on business opportunities arising from the use of historical heritage, over 70 assistants, and a dramatized historical route through the old part of Purchena in which they participated took place more than 200 people.

This initiative continues today from the 19:00 h. on Long Purchena Square with a sample of products and services in the region in which they participate 18 companies in sectors such as trade, hospitality, formation, tourism, pastry making, education, oenology, etc., besides their chains Purchena

Specifically in this municipality involved the following entrepreneurs and companies: Antonio Corral (florist), Manuel Sanchez (herbolario), Emilio Tables (accessories), Jose Juan Acosta (advice), Carlos Alberto Belmonte (Project Management Construction), Bakery Guadalupe, Sports Lasasport, Enter Integra and Training S. L., and School Children Educolandia S.L.L. Also presents the tijoleñas My Sweet Valley (creative pastry) Catherine and businesswoman Michele, marketed stevia; Made in Macael (tour guides) and trade in Mari Carmen Oller, Macael; Beekeepers Association of Seron; Capricho Accessories (Olula River), la pasetelería Pastissfayz S.L. de Bacares; and Cristina Winery Calvache Alboloduy.

At 19:45 h. the multipurpose room of the City hosts the conference 'The Games Moriscos de Aben Humeya, a historical event such development ', by Valeriano Sanchez Ramos, Almerienses member of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Modern History and Latin at the University of Granada. Then we analyze entrepreneurial experiences around the Festival of Tourist Interest, to inspire entrepreneurs and businessmen purcheneros ideas on how to boost your business, with the presence of representatives of other parties Spanish tourist interest as the Moors and Christians Quentar (Granada), Cascamorras (Base) Parties and donuts and Carts (Olula River). The day will end at 21:30 h. with a performance by Ensemble Burxana group of Andalusian music.

The workshops are part of a series of 40 planned by the Andalusia Foundation Emprende activities across the province to stimulate entrepreneurship and local development, competitiveness and business innovation, with support from the European Operational Programme Regional Development Fund of Andalusia 2007-2013, provided by the 80% cofinancing.