The Board awarded by 278.460 euros urbanization of Loma del Calvario in Tíjola.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has allocated a budget of 278.460 euros urbanization of Loma del Calvario, an area of ​​almost 11.000 square meters located in the municipality of Almería Tíjola and destined to host major events and mass rallies. The performance, which will run through the Regional Programme for Public Spaces, has a deadline of five months from the procurement of works, that are planned for February. These works have been awarded to the company Aguaema.

The intervention in this public space aims to improve contact between urban and forest and resolve undefined spaces between the pine and population. For this, focuses on the rearrangement of the actual strut Street, so that it is a new public road that connects the pine forest known as the Hill of Calvary with the people, giving more prominence to the forest that is a landmark in this city of Alto Valle del Almanzora, located between the Filabres and stays.

Besides acting in the street strut, The project also includes the realignment of some gaps between this course and the pine, middle slopes that will be reforested, and the creation of a children's playground.

The performance, which will feature Funds Feder, will be carried out through the Regional Program Public Spaces, developed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to contribute to improving the urban structure of the Andalusian cities, through interventions in public spaces free. This type of guidelines is carried out in collaboration with the Andalusian city councils.