The IV Fair Opportunities Almanzora, day 28 Olula Del Rio

Presentation at the Council.

Presentation at the Council.

The Provincial Council of Almería and the city of Olula del Rio are preparing the IV Fair Career opportunities aimed at citizen participation, companies and public agents in order to improve job placement in the province. This time the Opportunities Fair will be in the Almanzora next day 28 November, from the 10.00 hours to 19:00 hours. Specifically in the House of Culture of Olula.

The event is designed to attract both companies and unemployed and new entrepreneurs, to give them the opportunity to have expert advice on self-employment and job counselors, in order to create a climate of dialogue and reflection, and the implementation of new ideas or projects on entrepreneurship and employment.

Deputy Employment, Carmen Belén López, he referred to the motto of this year's Fair, "You are the value. Find your chance ", and he invited the unemployed of all ages and sectors close to Olula leave your resume to different companies and organizations that will be present.

This will be four meetings in the province and joining the Job Fairs Huércal de Almería, Huércal-Overa and Poniente, and how these objectives are:

  • Create a space to enhance the contact of businesses and unemployed people in the region thus facilitating a meeting point for the transfer of experiences and knowledge,
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in the Almanzora to analyze the feasibility of your business idea, with the assistance of various professionals who make a business valuation and guidance on the first steps to take.
  • conduct workshops, lectures and seminars related to labor market, employability, career guidance and entrepreneurship by offering effective thematic, specialized and highly attractive in the current situation where our economy is

In her, small and large companies that have open selection processes or hire people regularly, it may make them deliver their curricula. Participating companies cover a wide range of sectors, that focus on the region a wide range of work for very different profiles: young graduates, technical, experienced commercial, cleaning and maintenance staff, etc.. All profiles will be announced and offered participants may contact companies, they will explain their selection processes and collect the CVs or indicate them how to forward them. They also involve various entities that support on employment issues.

Simultaneously to the Fair will be held several workshops on topics related to employability, and other activities. Also featured will be the European Voluntary Service, managed by the Europe Direct Almeria Provincial Council, to inform young people of the possibilities almerienses leaving the EU and improve or acquire skills that result in personal development, educational and professional, increasing their employability.

There will also be sessions devoted to entrepreneurship, for people who are to become autonomous and thinking entrepreneurs who have recently started business.

This Council initiative is in line with other actions being promoted from the provincial body, as Job Fairs already completed or Business Plans Revitalize Alpujarra, Levante and Almanzora Valley-Los Vélez. It is the continuation of the work of the Council for the generation of economic activity and employment, whoever, also, to give greater publicity to the Fair has contacted the I.E.S of the Shire, Guadalinfo centers, Employment Offices, Employment Guidance Centers and CADE centers of the municipalities in the county.

The I.E.S of the Region have been visited personalized. They have turned to this initiative and have welcomed with great interest, as this represents an excellent opportunity for young people to come into contact with the business and know what the labor situation in the region, while they can access the different jobs that currently offer companies. They will present the I.E.S of the municipalities of Albox, Fines, Macael and Olula del Rio, and training centers of Fines Marble School and the School of Hotel Las Canteras Macael.

Mayor Olula, Antonio Martínez Pascual, He stressed that theirs is "a region in need of such actions for our young people not only see a very dark horizon" occupationally speaking. Councilman thanked the Council for their important work, explaining that without this institution "would be difficult to manage and achieve goals".

"We are very excited and we hope that both companies, entities and the Provincial ye sintáis welcome in Olula and I hope more initiatives of this kind are made, because that makes trust in institutions earn ", has said Martinez.

Attendance expectations are close to those of previous editions, reaching thousand people.