The detainee subtracted the material that could cover an area of 40 hectares, as stated by the victim.

Last Day 31 March, officers of the Civil Guard Stall Vera (Almería), proceed to the arrest of J. A. M. C., of 43 age, residing in the town of Vera (Almería), suspicion of an offense of theft, by subtracting gums many drip.

The arrest is part of the activities carried out by the Guardia Civil in the Bajo Almanzora, as part of the measures taken against the Plan subtractions in Agricultural Livestock Facilities.

The agents started the investigation after learning of the theft committed in a farm, located in the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), where subtracted 50000 Rubber feet used for drip irrigation facilities, with which they could cover a 40 acres and valued at 3000 €, as estimated by the victim.

With the first evidence from the victim by the Guardia Civil, and that the visual inspection carried out in the place of the facts, agents gather important information for your clarification.

Among other actions, the agents of the Guardia Civil conducted inspections of junkyards and recycling centers in the region dedicated to the sale of second-hand, locating an important game gum irrigation in one of these centers in the town of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), material that could correspond to reported as abducted.

The information gathered by agents in relation to the material located, allows the Guardia Civil determining that it corresponds to the subtracted on the farm, recovering at that time all the 50000 Rubber feet subtracted.

After starting realize that the material had entered the establishment days ago, the investigation of the Civil Guard running J. A. M. C., as the person making the sale of stolen material.

Once confirmed authorship, Civil Guard focuses on the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, J. A. M. C., aim to meet the agents last day 31 March, suspicion of an offense of theft.

The detainee J. A. M. C., background and has previous arrests for various crimes against property.

Proceedings instructed by the Guardia Civil, have been submitted with the detainee in the Dean of the Courts of Vera (Almería).