The Civil Guard dismantled a gang dedicated to the theft on farms and livestock.

As part of the operation NOBOA, officers of the Civil Guard Stall Vera (Almería), proceed to the arrest of the 5 members of an organized group, specializes in stealing agricultural and livestock facilities, whose members had committed 4 robberies that night.

These arrests, practiced by the Civil Guard under the plan against theft agricultural and livestock facilities, have allowed to recover over agents 3600 Kg. fertilizer and plant protection products, stolen that night at farm stores and intended to be sold on the illicit market.

Besides clarifying the robberies that night by detainees, the investigation of the agents were also accused the commission of four other thefts in the area recently.

This group had specialized in the theft of agricultural and livestock facilities, and knowledgeable about the region, They had established their area of ​​operation in the towns of Cuevas del Almanzora, Vera and Pulpí.

With hierarchical structure, acted in a coordinated, distributing and using up 3 groups vehicles to commit theft; the one used in surveillance of farms, one that offers security coverage and control of escape routes and the third group dedicated to commit theft and stolen gender transport.

Also, and prior to the commission of robberies, each individual has a specific task assigned, with surveillance, control objectives, logistics, transport, concealment of stolen material, Output and sale of gender, etc..

All this activity is carried out by the group members, taking heavy security.

The Civil Guard NOBOA operation starts early last October following several complaints from farmers and where, after analysis, Agents detect several common denominators.

From this analysis and detailed visual inspections on stage robberies, agents obtain a series of data that point to the possibility of being a perfectly organized group, and knowledgeable about the area, to commit theft.

The result of this information the agents focus their research on a thorough survey of farms and warehouses in the area, establishing discrete monitoring devices, resulting detection, early in the evening last day 7, a vehicle, with the lights off, runs between farmland.

From that moment, Civil Guard conducts its investigations for determining the identity of the vehicle owner, who lives in the town of Cuevas del Almanzora.

Continuing research, and focused on the detected vehicle, that night, and even during the early morning 8, Civil Guard locates and intercepts the same vehicle, when its owner tried to save it in a warehouse owned, at which after inspection, the agents involved more than 3600 Kg. solid fertilizer sacks, liquid fertilizers and plant protection products in bottles, from 4 robberies that night, practicing at that moment the first arrest.

Since that time, until the last day 11, Civil Guard identifies the remaining group members, practicing other 4 detention, clarifying and thefts night 7 November, detainees and imputing the commission of other 4 theft, recently committed, agricultural and livestock facilities.

– D. M. R. L., of 34 years old, A. A. F., of 41, A. A. P., of 39, I. M. I., of 34 y G. A. C., of 28, all neighbors of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería).

Proceedings instructed by the Guardia Civil, with detainees, were delivered in the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 de Vera (Almería).