The Guardia Civil Alerto en 2003 the start of illegal houses in Cantoria and former mayor looked the other way.

José Manuel Ortiz, territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, He expressed his "surprise and indignation" in view of the statements and actions of the Mayor of Cantoria, concerning the demolition of two illegal houses, yesterday, in this municipality. The delegate of the Board, understand and share that says "the pain and anger of the owners of those properties, that they acquired in good faith ", criticizes the attitude of those "both by omission and by action, They did nothing to prevent it has come to this, and now, rather than apologize and explain, in an attempt to confuse public opinion and political gain, blame others ".

The delegate of the Board ensures that "besides promoter, primarily responsible for it has come to this unfortunate situation was the City of Cantoria, instead of acting at first to avoid some illegal constructions, when there was still time, He looked the other way ". And is that, recalls José Manuel Ortiz, the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard and denounced 2003 before the Criminal Jurisdiction a possible crime against planning for plowing and clearing of forest land without authorization, complaint by the Department of the Environment fined promoter, and the obligation to restore the soil to its previous state.

In 2004, with homes still running, the Board requested the City Council to order the suspension of works, exercise its powers and restored the legality, "But not only suspended work and exercised those powers which you are stock-, but even once finalized authorized the supply of electricity and water to the dwellings, made by the Provincial Court sentenced the former mayor Almeria Cantoria as an offender of failing to prosecute crimes and a forgery ".

"If the City had acted from the outset under the Act", Jose Manuel Ortiz warns, "Works would not have been completed and today would not be lamenting the demolition of these houses, demolition according to administrative rulings and final judgment should have taken the promoter or, if, the City ". However, according to the delegate, the view that neither the developer nor the Consistory have complied with these concordant resolutions (judicial and administrative), the Andalusian, subsidiaries in exercising competences, so also subsidiary, demolition executed for breach of those who were obliged to do ".